Shenandoah EAA Chapter 1031

Winchester, VA


IMC ClubOur chapter offers an IMC/VMC Club for our members interested in improving their flying in instrument conditions as well as day to day VFR flying skills.

The Club’s purpose is to promote instrument and VFR flying, proficiency, and safety. The intent is to create a community of pilots willing to share information, provide recognition, foster communications, promote safety, and build proficiency in instrument flying as well as VFR flying.

The Club's monthly programming is developed and produced by EAA, but it does not use a lecture or presentation format. Instead, VMC Cluban actual scenario is presented and is followed by a group discussion – so audience participation is encouraged! Since everyone has a different experience level and different airplane capabilities, we can all benefit from the discussion.

February 2023 Meeting: IMC Club 1031 February 2023 and imc-club---february-2023---can-you-hear-me-now 

January 2023 Meeting: IMC Club 1031 January 2023 and LMA Brief


EAA 1031
Contact: John Munroe
Meetings: Monthly | Every 4th | Wednesday | 6:00 PM
Location: Zoom
Address: Zoom, Zoom VA Zoom
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