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President: Nishant Ghaiy Vice President: Mark Johnson Secretary: to be determined Treasurer: Vic Bologna Newsletter: Mark Johnson Technical Advisor: Bill Sherlock Flight Adviser: Marlin Jones

MEETING MINUTES of February 8th 2020

The meeting was conducted by Mark (VP) in President Nishant’s absence. It began at 1:00 PM after we all stuffed ourselves on Pizza.

In attendance (in no particular order) were Marlin, Mark, Les, Steve, Harry, Bill, Rod, and Carl. All but one paid their 2020 club dues ($45). Harry took the $315 to deposit in our Wells Fargo club account. Reminder: if you have not paid up please send your $45 tax deductible contribution to Vic, 4760 Lakeshore Blvd, Lakeport CA, 95463.

We started by discussing our current experiences. Of particular interest was Steve’s plans to move to Malin airport (4S7, elevation 4062) in Western OR. a few

miles from the CA border. Steve is building a hanger next to his small house and plans to stay in Malin during the spring and summer months. Expect him back in SkyPark, when not in Malin or “RVing” in his humongous motor home so we have not lost him for good. We hope to fly to Malin and camp out near Steve and Kathy’s place this spring.


The group discussed potential flights for 2020. We would like your comments telling us what you think of these suggested flights and if you think you would participate with your aircraft, or ride as a passenger. The following were mentioned as potential fly-outs:

  • Auburn * 95Mi

  • Columbia * 120Mi

  • Lake Pillsbury ** 85Mi

  • Castle Airbase museum ** 127Mi

  • Fortuna (Eureka, Murray field, drive rental car to redwood forests) ** 196Mi

  • Shelter Cove * 145Mi

  • Boonville (for faire) * 67Mi

  • Healdsburg (picnic) *

  • Oroville * 100Mi

  • Willows (Nancy’s restaurant) * 90Mi
    Some of these are one-day trips (*) and some overnight (**)

    The meeting ended at 2:40PM


Do not forget... pizza at 12:30 and our meeting starts at 1:00 PM. Please support your Club. Since we have several-times the number members who generally show up at our meetings, if you don’t normally come, please consider coming to enjoy the camaraderie, and please pay your dues. We are soliciting new speakers and we need your ideas as to whom to invite. We also need your ideas as to what interesting places we should fly to. In other words, we would like to see you getting involved. Thanks.

We do have a speaker planned for our April meeting from the Coast Gard who will discuss their flight related matters. If we don’t get members turning-out we will probably be unable to others to present... so come and enjoy yourself for an hour, and join in our flights.


Here we are after three perfect landings at Clear Lake airport on our way to meet with Vic to announce he has been awarded the Ace of the Century

award and presented with his extra/extra-large LFF shirt. (see below) He was awarded the ace of the century because he is the only one in our club that has almost lived that long!

In the picture, on the far left is Bill’s plane. And on the extreme right is Les's plane and the golden one behind them is Nishant’s plane. The flyers from left to right are John, Bill, Les, Rod, and Nishant. A good time was had by all especially Vic!


North Bay Buddhist Temple: (Ignore the last 30 seconds & dont look if you get dizzy easily)

No need to say more!


Here is a long but interesting tale.

F - 105

Within this outstanding presentation by one of the Thud pilots, Captain Gary Barnhill, USAF, flying against the combination of AAA and Russian SAM's within North Vietnam, you'll hear, see, some facts on some unindicted war criminals, i.e., Hanoi Jane, president LBJ, SecState Dean Rusk and the worst, SecDef McNamara.

Captain Barnhill almost went CIA later (T28's, contract for $5000/month is $35,000 in the dollars the year of this presentation), went to TWA, later formed a company, but one very fortunate (lucky?) fighter pilot and very appreciative that he survived.

It is an hour well spent although it will make your stomach turn.

Some Marines on this bcc may remember USMC A4 pilot, 1/Lt Mel "Whoop" Cooper who went CIA, choppers, flying some 800 missions. After VN he applied for pilot at Eastern Air Lines, I walked his application through EAL Human Resources, but was turned down. CEO Borman was more interested in hiring females at the time.

"Whoop" then flew H34 for Los Angeles Hospital, killed one night coming up from pick-up in Valley of doctor, nurse and woman about to give birth...all died when chopper rolled back down into valley. He had a Vietnamese wife, refugee that he rescued when Saigon was falling, got her to USA. Whoop never got to see his son born after he died.

View this one-hour long video:

F-105 Thuds in Vietnam: Going Downtown


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