EAA Chapter 54

St. Paul, MN. (Lake Elmo)

The Beacon Archive 2010-2019


Spring  A shift in chapter strategy; ADSB Solution; a rough winter at 21D
Summer 2019 Farnsworth Hangar Tour; we were almost heroes; The Young Eagle Program Works


Jan  Charter Members Jesse Black and Norm Weston Recognition
Feb A Real Treat by Roger Barcus
Mar A New Prop For My Trike
Apr Marlon Gunderson: Cozy Building and Flight Report
May Ground school
Jun Spring BBQ
Jul The Last Flight of the Pietenpol
Aug Durand Design Doesn’t Stall
Sep All About Young Eagles
Oct 21D Upgrade Planning
Nov Ultralight tech counselor


Jan Last flight of an RV-7A
Feb Revo's little brother
Mar I'll never do that again
Apr Ground school and hangar tour
May Paul Rankin retires
Jun Farnsworth hangar tour
Jul A Cozy first flight
Aug Paul Rankin's new, old airplane
Sep New, old airplane  Part 2
Oct Succession planning for chapter pres.
Nov New leadership slate
Dec Dan Bergstrom volunteers on a B-25

Jan Hamilton H–47 Metalplane Restored by Lysdale At Fleming Field 
Feb Aviation Day at the Capitol
Mar Spring is popping out all over
Apr General aviation drives businesss in Minnesota
May Spring picnic; ground school; Lake Elmo development
Jun Swift fuel presentation; Oshkosh work party
Jul  Benson Airport pancake breakfast
Aug Flying to Airventure; Red Wing pancake breakfast
Sep Al Kupferschmidt honored; aviation day finances
Oct  Antique plane fly-in
Nov My ride in a 1943 SNJ; special VFR
Dec The year in review; ground school

Jan Recognizing chapter volunteers
Feb Johnson High School Aero Space Program
Mar Kitfox Factory Visit
Apr Only Flying Fairey Gannet Left in the World Finds Home in Western Wisconsin
May Jeff Hove rides with the Aeroshell team; Young Eagles Day
Jun Tanis Engine Preheaters for Rotax 912 Series Engines; Young Eagles report
Jul  Remembering Rae Kupferschmidt; Maj . Gen. Patrick Halloran on flying the Blackbird
Aug Oshkosh report; landscaping at the clubhouse
Sep Minnesota History/Geology Sky Tour; How I learned to love the Cirrus SR22
Oct  Faribault fly-in
Nov Election results
Dec Coffee and Rolls at the Osceola Airport

Jan BRS System Overview
Feb Building a Sonex
Mar Amy Gesch from Wipaire; Young Eagles report
Apr Dan Hilliard – Minimax owner
May Oshkosh work party
Jun Education committee
Jul  Building an RV; Flying for maintenance and parts
Aug Return to Madeline Island
Sep Fall picnic report; Tom Gibbons on volunteering at AirVenture
Oct  EAA leader training; Homemade wheel covers
Nov Election results; ground school
Dec Holiday banquet

Jan Young Eagles wrapup
Feb Analysis of four local accidents; Soft Start Module for Rotax 912
Mar Hiroshi Takeuchi on avionics
Apr Rich Stowell — The Spin Doctor
May Fireless Steam Powered Airplane
Jun Farnsworth School Lake Elmo Airport Visit
Jul  Air Academy Attendee Says, “Thanks!” 
Aug Dale & Dave's trip to Cherry Grove
Sep Strobe Lights for my Tailwind
Oct  The "$37 hamburger"
Nov Pietenpol Aircamper
Dec Holiday banquet; Teddy Bergstrom and Temptation

Jan Year in review
Feb How to be a chapter member
Mar Chapter Member Takes Up a Skycatcher
Apr Sun 'n' Fun report
May So what’s a Young Eagles Flight like; Speaker Patrick Hoyt -- Builder and Future pilot of a Zodiac 601 X
Jun Who's who in Chapter 54
Jul  EAA Chapter 54 Cookout/House Concert  
Aug Jeff Hove's Oshkosh report
Sep EAA 54 members help founding member Jesse Black; mogas in airplanes
Oct  Becky Shipman and her Zodiac CH 650 B; Duluth Air Show
Nov Tailwinds Flying Club
Dec Vincent A Parker, tailgunner 

Jan Year in review
Feb What is a tech counselor?
Mar A Chapter Member Heads to Texas for Vacation
Apr Golf outing
May Young Eagles preview; weekend work party
Jun Chapter member dreams of a hangar;
Jul  Young Eagles report
Aug Chapter Historian on Some Historic Aircraft at Lake Elmo 
Sep Chapter aviation day
Oct  Adding a second airplane; Pulsar reunion
Nov Hudson man builds airplane in garage
Dec Flying with chapter members

Jan Florida adventure via an RV-7A
Feb Marlon Gunderson
Mar Young Eagles report
Apr Flying the Golden Isles of Georgia
May Young Eagles preview; weekend work party
Jun Remembering Dale Rupp
Jul  Chapter 54 Supports Farnsworth Field Trip 
Aug Chapter Members Get Together for Flying Comparison
Sep Chapter aviation day
Oct   Alan Kupferschmidt 
Nov The Chapter Opens Up its Hangars for Kids! 
Dec Jeff Hove

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