EAA Chapter 54

St. Paul, MN. (Lake Elmo)

The Beacon Archive 1980-1989

The 1980-1989 collection is incomplete. These files have been digitized to pdf from existing hard-copy newsletters.

Jan Petition for buffer airspace
Feb Gene Frank to build RV-6
Mar Sport aviation conference
Apr (Unavailable)
May (Unavailable)
Jun  (Unavailable)
Jul  (Unavailable)
Aug (Unavailable)
Sep (Unavailable)
Oct (Unavailable)
Nov Mathiesen and Westerberg vie for presidency; Renwicks' Cub completed
Dec Westerberg wins presidency; ultralight complaints from Lake Elmo residents

Jan Chapter banquet planning; Renwick Cub restitching
Feb February stitching party a success; Concorde returning to Oshkosh
Mar (Unavailable)
Apr (Unavailable)
May (Unavailable)
Jun Oshkosh work party rebuilds two buildings
Jul  Call goes out for chapter sign design; why I want to be a pilot
Aug (Unavailable)
Sep Oshkosh recap; chapter picnic; Gene Frank gives 15 Breezy rides
Oct Midmonth meetings planned
Nov T-18 project for sale; proposal to raise dues to $15
Dec Roger Westerberg test flying Cassut; Dues raised to $15

Jan The Voyager flight; brouhaha over flight surgeon
Feb Piper blasts auto fuel
Mar A Lindbergh play
Apr EAA chapter youth meeting
May Eleanor Renwick retires as newsletter editor
Jun Mark Wilson takes over as newsletter editor; dues increased from $7.50 to $10; Oshkosh work party
Jul  Chapter meetings to move from St. Paul to Lake Elmo; proposed meeting day from Monday to Saturday tabled
Aug (Unavailable)
Sep Oshkosh recap
Oct (Unavailable)
Nov Jerry Laundry returns as new president; Washington lobbying
Dec Moratorium on super TCA proposal

Jan Scholarships for young people
Feb Museum work party
Mar Oshkosh on a buck
Apr Minnesota Aviation Trades Association; Oshkosh work party
May Premier of "Speed"
Jun Chapter briefs; around the world with Voyager
Jul Darryl LeMire wins Holman Award
Aug Oshkosh highlights
Sep (Unavailable)
Oct  All about Speed Holman
Nov Wrapping up summer; letter from Poberezny on threats to GA
Dec Chapter members angry at Ann Landers

Jan Mandatory attendance for raffle
Feb Meeting time changed
Mar How the raffle works; Jim Olson's plan for the chapter in 1985
Apr Tour of NWA maintenance
May Oshkosh work party
Jun  Minor briefs
Jul  Chapter VP Ray Wyland dies
Aug (Unavailable)
Sep FAA proposal to require retraining
Oct FAA proposal for recreational pilot certificate
Nov Eugene Frank elected president
Dec Riding herd on dues

Jan Mike Fox begins chapter presidency
Feb Discussion of future meetings; proposal for a chapter hangar
Mar February banquet
Apr Oshkosh work party; EAA issues more auto gas STCs;Friday Gram from Paul Poberezny
May Work party recap
Jun  Forrest Holmes' Fairchild PT19
Jul  Mike Fox resigns presidency; what to do in Oshkosh when it rains
Aug Annual picnic with kite contest
Sep Oshkosh wrapup; Search on for new president
Oct  Ideas for moving forward
Nov Jim Olson named new president

Jan Proposal for inspection of homebuilts
Feb Book review
Mar Two days of flying weather make a difference
Apr Poberezny in Twin Citie
May Spring at Lake Elmo Airport
Jun Work Party weekend planned
Jul Pig roast
Aug (Unavailable)
Sep Oshkosh recap
Oct  Election of officers;  aviation auto fuel use grows
Nov Election ballot; book reviews
Dec Chapter banquet

Jan (Unavailable)
Feb One of the most disastrous years in MN GA history
Mar Jim Montague Swift project
Apr Minor chapter briefs
May Franks ready Breezy for first flight; Oshkosh work party
Jun Book reviews
Jul Program speaker: rep from Bruce Vento's congressional office
Aug Exhibit board updated
Sep Eleanor Renwick takes over newsletter; John Renwick buys a Cub; death at Oshkosh; national headquarters newsletter
Oct Analyzing homebuilt fatal at Anoka; chapter picnic
Nov GA accident statistics; ultralight designation
Dec Chapter banquet planning

Jan Building project update; flying in winter; the Janox Reflector Landing System; aluminum spec code
Feb Stolen aircraft
Mar Annual banquet recap
Apr Midmonth meeting visits Focke-Wulf project
May Norm Schweitz wins Lindberg Award
Jun  Update on ill chapter members
Jul  Aquatennial Balloon Race
Aug Off to OSH
Sep (Unavailable)
Oct Three vie for chapter presidency
Nov Driscoll wins chapter presidency
Dec Dick Becker named new newsletter editor


Jan Scale models at chapter meeting
Feb (Unavailable)
Mar Automotive gas in airplanes|
Apr MSAA banquet; bylaw changes
May Chuck Laren sells Pietenpol
Jun (Unavailable)
Jul (Unavailable)
Aug Minor briefs
Sep Authorities report difficulty identifying planes
Oct Chapter member flies blood
Nov Tough times for Holman Hobos
Dec Chapter needs fundraising ideas; tool crib

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