EAA Chapter 245

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Young Eagles September 2022


Your Kids Flew Free of Charge On This Special Day,

Saturday 10th September 2022,

and here is the Proof

 EAA Young Eagles

A big "Thank You to Andrew for his diligence and stamina in setting up this fantastic event.

Young Eagles Coordinator

Name:  Andrew Henry

City:     Ottawa

Phone: 613-831-2306




Sunday's Route For The Aircraft


Click on the maps above to get a full sized image. 

Eleven Aircraft participated in the event and each pilot donated his time and fuel to the event with no charge to anyone.  These pilots do it for the fun and enjoy sharing their passion.  Hopefully some of the Young Eagles will move into an aviation career, in the future, as a result of this event. The pilot's and aircraft are listed below:

 Pilot's Name  Aircraft Make and Model Aircraft Call Sign Number of Young Eagles Flown in the day.
 Chris Hepburn  Vans RV8  C-GOGO  4
 Daniel Dekoker  Piper PA-28-180  C-FBPH
 David Pattersson  Piper PA 28-181 Archer  C-GPPC
 Johnny Constantinesco  Piper PA-24-250 Comanche  C-FXQZ 12 
 Ken Potter  Grumman Cheetah AA-5A  C-GQIG
 Mark Briggs  Glasair Sportsman 2 + 2  C-GVLF
 Mark Richardson  Maule M-5-235C  C-GJFK
 Matt Pearson  Cirrus SR22  C-GDBZ
 Peter Zutrauen  Europa  C-GNPZ
 Thom Van Eeghen  Murphy Elite  C-FGAH
 Tom Weichert  Vans RV8  C-GURV

 Meet Our Pilots And Their Aircraft

 Chris Hepburn

 Vans RV8



 Daniel Dekoker

 Piper PA-28-180



 David Pettersson

 Piper PA28-181 Archer



 Johnny Constantinesco

 Piper PA-24-250

 Comanche C-FXQZ


 Ken Potter

 Grumman Cheetah 




 Mark Briggs

 Glasair Sportsman   2+2


 (Vice President)


 Mark Richardson

 Maule M-5-235C




 Matt Pearson

 Cirrus SR22



 Peter Zutrauen




 Thom Van Eeghen

 Murphy Elite



 Tom Weichert

 Vans RV8



Click on the picture of your pilot to see all the pictures taken for that aeroplane.


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