EAA Chapter 245

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

MzeroA Flight Training Videos

Day 1: Engine Failure on Takeoff

Day 2: Engine Failure on Takeoff WITHOUT Runway Remaining

Day 3: Engine Failure to Real Soft Field

Day 4: Why We Sump Fuel

Day 5: Perfect Power Off 180's

Day 6: What’s In Our Flight Bag & Survival Kit

Day 7: Pitot Static System Errors

Day 8: The Ultimate Instrument Scanning Quiz

 Day 9: 5 Things I Do Before an IFR Flight

Day10: Even Jason Makes Mistakes

 Day 11: The Best Way To Practice Spatial Disorientation

Day 12: Lost At KPVD United 1448

 Day 13: Better Radio Communications From a Controller Perspective

Day 14: The Perfect ATC Radio Practice Session

Day 15: Your Guide To VFR Flight Following

Day 16: Class D Airport Departure

 Day 17: Class D Airport Arrival

Day 18: The Disaster at Tenerife

 Day 19: The Hardest Thing To Teach In Aviation

Day 20: Airshow Disaster Air France 296

 Day 20.5: Bob and Joel Day 20 for 20 Banner SPC Video

Day 21: Nearly Landing On a Taxiway (no, not Harrison Ford) Air Canada

 Day 22: CRM With Your Non-Pilot

Day 23: The Science of Learning To Fly

 Day 24: 3 Items You May Be Missing on Preflight

Day 25: Power-On Stalls

 Day 26: Power Off Stalls

Day 27:Calculating Top of Climb and Top of Descent

 Day 28: How To Lean The Mixture

Day 29: VFR/IFR Personal Minimums

 Day 30: Challenge Yourself In Aviation (but not too much)

 Day 31: True Stick and Rudder Flying/ A Good Pilot is Always Learning

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