Chapter 87

Brunswick, ME

2021 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Meeting Dated January 12, 202
                                                                                                                                   EAA Chapter 87                                                                                                                 Submitted by Richard DeVito – Secretary

The January meeting was held at Brunswick Executive Airport.  President Leo LeClair called the meeting to order at 1900

The following members were in attendance:

Leo LeClair
Charlie Gabelmann
Dave Beemer (via Zoom)
Richard DeVito
Joyce DeVito
Russell Keith
Tom Quinley  (prospective new member)
Jay Hewett (via Zoom)


The December Meeting Minutes were approved as posted on the Chapter website.


The Treasurer reported a 12/31/2020 checkbook balance of $5,195.48.  Dave Beemer was reimbursed $475.83 for payment of national dues, insurance, and FBO candy.  The report was approved as read.


3.1 Bylaws

The meeting centered on a review of the 17 December 2020 draft version of the bylaws.  President Leo LeClair led a review of the following articles that had been flagged for rewrite:

Article IV Membership Sections 1 and 2
Article V Dues Sections 2 and 3
Article VI Officers Section 5
Article VII Board of Directors   item b1

All the above articles in the December 17 draft version were deemed acceptable as submitted.  Tom Muller questioned the wording in Article X on Elections.  That article is in line with EAA National recommendation and was deemed to be acceptable.  Tom Muller made a motion the accept December 17 version of the bylaws and Dave Beemer seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.  The Secretary will publish the bylaws with a January 12, 2021 date

3.2 Robert’s Rules

Tom Muller had questioned if we should modify our meeting protocols by reducing adherence to Robert’s Rules.  After a bit of discussion, it was agreed that we should retain current protocols.


4.1 Young Eagle Program

There was some discussion on whether prior approval is required to photograph Young Eagle participants in the airplane.  Dave Beemer and Russel Keith will investigate and report at a future meeting.

This was the first chapter meeting for Tom Quinley and he had several questions related to flying Young Eagles.  Russel Keith and Dave Beemer outlined procedures for recording Young Eagle flights.

4.2 EAA National Awards

Leo LeClair passed out EAA National certificates and pins in recognition of chapter activity in 2020.


Russel Keith reported he has not worked on Tom’s Zenith CH 750.  He has been working on his RV-9A and has installed a Garmin GNC 355.  The plane is configured with a single servo and Russ reported it is tied into the roll axis.  He found very little lateral control when tied into pitch.

Dave Beemer reported he was impressed with the pneumatic cleco tool and needs more clecos.  He now has access to a drill press, grinder, and magnetic disc to hold drill bits.

Jay Hewett reported he experienced a low oil pressure warning while flying his Sonex aircraft.  He stated that the system went from normal pressure to low in about 10 minutes of flight.  Although the engine operation seemed normal, Jay made a precautionary landing at Wiscasset and post flight showed heavy oil streaks on the bottom of the cowling.  With help from Nick Nobile, the source of the leak was determined to be a crack in the crankcase.  Jay plans to replace his existing engine with a Jabiru.  A wise decision on the precautionary landing.


Leo LeClair adjourned the meeting at 2000 hrs.


The February meeting will be held on Tuesday February 9 at the Brunswick Executive Airport FBO commencing at 1900 hours.

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