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    Tom Stoyka's 1948 415-E model Ercoupe, serial number 4901 and was purchased in 1987. This aircraft has delightful flight characteristics and will not stall or spin. Although many Ercoupes have been converted to 3 axis control (independent rudder pedals), C-FGQM still has the original 2 axis controls and is a joy to fly and will not be converted as long as I own it. The aim of the Ercoupe’s design was to make it particularly suitable for the private owner by having it unusually simple to learn to fly and to be free from the difficulties associated with stalling and spinning. C-FGQM cruises at 100 MPH at 2450 RPM with a C-85 continental engine that has been converted to a O-200 for better take off and climb performance. A 3-blade Warp Drive propeller adds to the climb performance and contributes to less vibration and noise levels both inside and outside the cockpit. Lightly loaded, it will climb at 1500 FPM. Fully loaded 900 to 1000 FPM is the norm, which is much better than the original 500 FPM with the C-85. In 1997, C-FGQM was moved to the Owner Maintenance category, which has proven to be very beneficial for my abilities. Despite this move, the aircraft continues to benefit from all airworthiness directives and service bulletins issued and remains a very stable and airworthy airplane. Many passengers have discovered the fantasy of flight in this Ercoupe and it is particularly enjoyable on a warm summer evening with the windows rolled all the way down. Despite being 75 years old, with careful maintenance, C-FGQM remains a wonderful aircraft that should hopefully be flying for another 75 years or more.
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