EAA Chapter 63

EAA CHAPTER 63 - Lyncrest Airport - CJL5 - Winnipeg, Manitoba


We are a community of aviation enthusiasts.  Our members volunteer time and effort to promote and support the love of flying and aircraft building.

Our community is important to us.  We support EAA National programs that will both serve our community and promote aviation.


We share our love with aviation and more.

EAA’s local chapters are about people, bringing together individuals interested in learning more about aviation as well as sharing their own knowledge.

  •  We Invite the public to experience flight.  We support other clubs, thereby nurturing interest in aviation in our local community and  we welcome new participants in aviation.

Chapter members are involved in a variety of social and educational activities, including Young Eagles rallies, fly-ins, building seminars, and more, to build awareness in the community.

Our members are a mix of young, experienced pilots and mechanics eager to share what they know, sharing a common interest or passion.  We exchange ideas and thoughts about aviation and everything else.  

Participation in our community of interest can be compelling, entertaining and creates a community where people return frequently and remain for extended periods some have been here for several decades.  Our community,  is a gathering of people assembled around a topic of common interest.  Our members exchange information,  to obtain answers to personal questions or problems, to improve their understanding of a subject, to share common passions or to play.  

It is estimated that by 2022,  20,000 pilots will hang up their wings as they reach the 65-year-old age limit. 

To combat this shortage, our EAA Chapter focuses on trying to make aviation attractive to our valued teenagers.
At EAA Chapter 63, we actively support the Young Eagles program, which offers introductory flights to youth ages 8-17 in hopes they will continue to pursue their pilot’s license.



Our Chapter Leaders

Rick received his PPL in 1982 and was a member of the EAA for a time before life interfered (an all too common story) and aviation fell to the way-side. After retiring from a 30+ year career with the Manitoba Government Geological Survey, Rick rekindled his passion for aviation. Rick brings leadership skills honed through positions on the Board of Regents at UofW and several years on the executive of the British Car Club of Mb. He loves building, restoring, and flying beautiful machines, so naturally, he is a part of the Emeraude Project. He believes in the spirit and community that is fostered in the EAA Chapter 63 Manitoba.
Hi. I started flying in 1976 and earned my PPL at the Edmonton Flying Club. The old Municipal Airport CYXD has long since been decommissioned but I have fond memories of being often being given the instructions "...you are number 14, follow the Cherokee." Busy times! I am currently the project lead on the Emeraude project and looking forward to its completion. Many thanks for the warm welcome I enjoyed at Chapter 63! James Slade
Passionate about aviation, Raquel embraces challenges & opportunities in special projects and business development. A private pilot, Raquel's knowledge and relationships have been successful in advocating for Manitoba's aviation industry as Executive Director for the Manitoba Aviation Council. With previous experience as an entrepreneur with 24 years in the travel and hospitality industry, Raquel shares her vast knowledge as a substitute instructor in MITT's Hospitality Management Program. She serves as a board director for the Sunova Credit Union (Audit Committee chair), is Chairperson of the Air Cadet League of Manitoba, and Secretary/Treasurer of the EAA Chapter 63 Manitoba.*
Received his PPL in 1975 but was flying hang gliders many years before that. Retired from Bell/MTS as a senior marketing manager many years ago and has supported the GA and homebuilt community ever since. Recently retired as a ground school instructor for the Air Cadet Squadron 249 in Beausejour and became the President of EAA 63, my best accomplishment.
Liaison - EAA Canada,
Harold is a retired Mechanical Engineer. He has been an avid Aviation Enthusiast & Lyncrest Airport Bum since 2010.
Bio coming soon....
Bio coming soon....
An Executive Recruiter, Corporate Trainer (primarily psychometrics) and Business Divestiture Consultant (incl. mergers, acquisitions and venture capital) with an avocational commitment to aviation and a flair for social media and journalism. Trained and experienced in both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft (under 12,500 lbs) flight time as a Private Pilot - licensed in both Canada and the U.S., basic knowledge is extended by aircraft restoration and co-building. Operating an advanced, self-designed computer system, current focus is directed to gaining high-performance (200 mph) and VFR Over The Top (OTT) rating.
Project Lead for the Piel Emeraude project.
Norman recently retired after having dedicated over 30 years with the Government of Canada. Norman specializes in being a "Do It Yourself" person and loves to try his hand at building everything. He wakes up early each day and with an espresso in hand, he searches for ways to fulfill his love of flying and ponders opportunities to make a difference, to help others.
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