EAA Chapter 227

North Eastern Iowa - KALO - 10IA - C25 - K98 - KOLZ - KIIB - 8C6

EAA Chapter 227 Membership Information Database

Before clicking on the link below, to access EAA Chapter 227's Membership Information Database, you will need your own unique User Name.

In addition, you will need to be granted "Chapter Read Only" access and be given the generic password  (used for first time access only).

You can obtain both by sending an email to EAAChapter227@gmail.com or email, Paul Wallace, Brandon Bouska or Todd Loes (who all have admin access).

Important Notes:

  • When accessing the database the first time, you will need to be prepared to change the password to one only you know and can remember.
  • If you would like to make any changes to the your information, displayed in the database, please send an email request to any of the above. The information currently displayed in the database is same information we once had in the generic password protected Excel Spreadsheets
  • It is possible for you to change/create your own unique (must be change by the database Admin (see above).  The User Name you will be given, for initial log in is generated by the system, when your Roster Information was added and is tied to your name.
  • If you and your spouse are both members of EAA National, you both have your own Roster Information (User Name, etc.), but if only one family member is member of EAA National, then only they will have User Name.

Why this change?  Two reasons:

  • Our old membership list was a simple password-protected Microsoft Soft (MS) Excel Spreadsheet (and the email list was same as a MS Word Document).  It was moved from our old site to our current EAA Chapter website, but many members don't have a modern, updated copy of the MS Excel software, so they couldn't access it, and Goggle Sheets doesn't allow for password protected sheet
  • This new database was created and is hosted by (and tied to) EAA National's database system (each user membership number and expiration date is tied to their roster information), and being member of EAA National is requirement for membership to local EAA Chapters, so now this verification is done automatically.  In addition, user access is being controlled by only allowing those with unique User Name and Password.
Thank you.

EAA 227

Once you have your unique User Name information (the password for first time access) and been granted "Chapter Read Only" access, click this link:  EAA Chapter 227 Membership Information Database Link

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