EAA Chapter 501

Lincoln Park, New Jersey

About Us

EAA’s local chapters are about people, bringing together individuals interested in learning more about aviation as well as sharing their own knowledge.

Chapter members are involved in a variety of social and educational activities, including Young Eagles rallies, fly-ins, building seminars, and more, to build awareness in the community.

EAA Chapter 501 2022 staff

President - Matthew Lamm, lamm@eaa501.org    Vice President - Allan Feid, Jr., feid@eaa501.org

Secretary - Steve Vail, vail@eaa501.org    Treasurer - Don Provost, provost@eaa501.org

Board of Directors - Matt Lamm, Allan Feid, Steve Vail, Don Provost, Larry Kalb, Allen F. Dunn and Ron Reinartz.

Flight Advisor - Ron Reinartz, - reinartz@eaa501.org 

Young Eagles Coordinator - Allen F. Dunn, dunna@eaa501.org
Young Eagles Work Shop Coordinator - reinartz@eaa501.org
Eagle Flights Coordinator - Mike Dzurny, dzurny@eaa501.org
Fly-In Chairman - Steve Vail, vail@eaa501.org
Membership Chairman - Paul Schulman - schulman@eaa501.org
Airport Relations - Greg Dwyer, dwyer@eaa501.org
Good and Welfare - Allen F. Dunn, dunna@eaa501.org
Newsletter editor - Don Provost, provost@eaa501.org
Webmaster www.eaa501.org - Don Provost, provost@eaa501.org
Webmaster www.501.eaachapter.org - Don Provost, provost@eaa501.org  
Webmaster Facebook eaachapter501 - Jon Seibert, seibert@eaa501.org

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EAA 501
President: Matt Lamm
Contact: 302-598-1749 | lamm@eaa501.org
Meetings: Every 2nd Wednesday 6:30 PM
Variable. Usually Lincoln Park Airport. Contact President
Lincoln Park Airport, 425 Beaverbrook Rd
Lincoln Park, NJ 07035

EAA Chapters Silver
Programs: IMC Club, VMC Club, Young Eagles, Flight Advisor, Eagle Flights, Ray Aviation Scholarship
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