EAA Chapter 1629

Marysville, Ohio

Danny Mortensen


FLIGHT TIME:      Total flight time: 2800 hours

                        Airline classroom instruction: 9000+ hours


CERTIFICATES: Former Airline Transport Pilot, Multiengine

         Former Certified Flight Instructor, Instrument

Former FAA Control Tower Operator

       Former FAA Designated Aircraft Dispatch Examiner

             Advanced Ground Instructor

            Aircraft Dispatcher  


EMPLOYMENT:      1996-2010:    Instructor, DHL / ASTAR Air Cargo

                                1993-1995:    Airline Dispatcher Program Mgr/Instructor; Sierra Academy, Oakland, CA

                                1990  Co-founder of CATS FAA Computer Testing

                                1987-2010:    President; Bill Phelps' Airline Ground Schools Inc. (AGS)

                          1984-1987:    Senior Instructor, AGS

                          1982-1984:    Aviation Products Manager/Corporate Pilot Company Rep, AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants

                          1973-1981:    FAA Air Traffic Controller

                          1970-1972:    Infantry Officer, US Army


EDUCATION:  Bachelor Degree, Russian Language Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ; 1969 Lifetime Teaching Credential  Aviation subjects California Community Colleges, 1976 Beech King Air ground school, Wichita, KS 1984 B747 ground school, Dalfort,Dallas, TX 1990 B727 ground school, DHL, Cincinnati, OH 1996



EXPERIENCE:  Retired in 2010 after 14 years as a pilot/dispatch instructor in the Training Dept at DHL Airways/ASTAR Air Cargo.  Sold AGS in 2010 to Flamingo Air, Lunken Airport, Cincinnati and now working as a consultant. 14 years as a FAA dispatch examiner having conducted over 1,000 check rides.


ACCOMPLISHMENTS:      Author; former radio talk show host - KFOX-FM (California).

                    1st Place Gold, Natl. Championship Air Races, Reno, NV 1990.

                      3 world aviation speed/altitude records, now superseded.

                      US Air Racing Association, past President.

                          Built/flew 2 race planes now on permanent display in museums one of which is the EAA Museum in

Oshkosh Wisconsin.


PERSONAL DATA:        Date of birth:   Feb. 28, 1946

                    Marital status:  Married, 2 grown children.

                       Hobbies: Public speaking, backgammon, and creating PowerPoint training materials for aviation


                      Stamp collecting.

                      1953 MG-TD Roadster

                      1940 cabin Waco VKS-7 biplane