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Fly Mart 2024

On April 6, 2024 EAA Chapter 1445 held it's second annual fly mart.  A big thanks to Chandler Aviation for providing Chapter 1445 with a hangar to hold the event.  East Valley Institute of Technology provided a metal working activity and a flight simulator to entertain kids that attended the event.  Boy Scout Troop 282 sold coffee and pastries to attendees.  The coffee was big hit since it was cold in the hangar.  



March Monthly Meeting


EAA Chapter 1445 held its monthly meeting at the Eloy, Arizona Airport (E60).  Twenty five members either flew or drove to Eloy to attend the meeting and the great Arizona spring weather.  The rare ground fog in the area delayed some of the flyers for 30 minutes.  Below is a short video of the highlights of the meeting.  Enjoy!




February Monthy Meeting

  On February 17, 2024, EAA Chapter 1445 held its regular monthly meeting in the terminal building at the Chandler Municipal Airport.  Ernie Copeland member of the FAA FAST team from the Scottsdale FSDO, gave a presentation on owner/operator aircraft maintenance.  Thirty plus members attended the presentation.  Everyone enjoyed pizza and socialization after the meeting.




  Arlo Watkin has become the Chapter's first rotorcraft owner.  Now all he has to do is learn how to fly it.  Good luck Arlo.


January 27, 2024 Young Eagles

  On January 27, 2024 Chapter 1445 held its first Young Eagle event of 2024.  Six pilots flew 12 Young Eagles.  See YouTube video below.


January Monthly Meeting

  EAA Chapter 1445's regular monthly meeting conflicted with the City of Chandler's Aviation Day celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Chandler Municipal Airport.  So the Chapter adapted and setup a table at the event and displayed 8 member aircraft that made their first flights at KCHD.  The Aviation Day celebration was a successful event for the City of Chandler and for Chapter 1445.  Chapter signed up 5 new members, approved updated bylaws, and introduced itself to the attendees of the event.  Members manning the Chapter's table fielded many questions about experimental aircraft and how parents can introduce their kids to aviation.  Enjoy the short video documenting the event.




Merry Christmas

KCD Traffic Controllers

  On Christmas Eve 2023, a contingent of 5 Chapter 1445 members delivered gifts to the Air Traffic Controllers at Chandler Municipal Airport in appreciation of the help that the controllers have provided to our membership during the years.  The 5 members that participate were Cecil Orozco, Don Daubert, Peter Dooley, Rod Kjerstad and Jerry Latimer.  Dylan also gave the participants a tour of the tower after the presentation.  A big thanks and Merry Christmas goes out to "our" controllers.



2023 in Review

  Below is a video that documents EAA Chapter 1445's 2023 year.  2023 was a super successful year with several firsts.  The Chapter held its first fly-mart, first open house, and first youth programs for our former Young Eagles.  Because the year was so successful the video is actually too long.  You may have to watch it in several sessions.  Please enjoy it however you choose to watch it.



2023 Chapter Christmas Party

  Saturday December 16, 2023, EAA Chapter 1445 held its annual Christmas Party at Millar Airfield (2AZ4).  A big thank you to Chuck Millar for allowing the Chapter to use his airfield for our annual party.  Approximately fifty members and guests enjoyed a beautiful winter Arizona day.  Party consisted of socialization, pot luck, white elephant gift exchange, and more socialization.  Enjoy the video below.


Youth Tower and Hangar Tour

  On December 9, 2023,  two parents and five former YE's were treated to a tour of the Chandler Municipal Airport control tower led by Dylan the supervisor of the tower.  After the tour Rod Kjerstad and Don Daubert opened up their hangars for a tour.  Thanks to the volunteers that made this a successful morning for our Youth.




Tech Counselor Visit

Member Randall Hayhurst has been building a Sabrewing in his home workshop for two years.  His first Tech Conselor inspection by Chapter member Bob Meyers, on November 28, 2023 went very well and we're looking forward to his completion and first flight.


November Meeting

   EAA Chapter 1445 held it's monthly meeting on November 18, 2023 at the Chandler Municipal Airport.  Meeting was attended by 33 members and guests.  Air Traffic Control supervisor for the KCHD gave a short talk on ATC operations at KCHD. He also took questions from the attendees.  After attendees introduced themselves and gave a short talk about their links to aviation.  The Chapter also had the annual election of new officers and directors for 2024.  After the meeting, everyone enjoyed some socialization while enjoy Pizza.



Kelly McMullin

  On November 17, 2023, Kelly McMullin was awarded the FAA's Wright Brother's Master Pilot Award for his 50 years being a pilot. The ceremony was held at the Chandler Municipal Airport Terminal.  Kelly is a former President of EAA Chapter 1445. As well as being a long time pilot Kelly holds an A&PIA as well an Air Traffic Controller certificate.  The ceremony was attended by Kelly's friends and his wife who shared some Kelly flying stories.  Kelly has also been an active ambassador for aviation and has served as an advisor to Chandler's Airport Commission.  If you see Kelly please congratulate for his award and thank him for his commitment to aviation.



November Youth Event

  On November 4, 2023, EAA Chapter 1445 had a Youth Event for three former Young Eagles.  The event introduced the youth to basic metal fabrication techniques used in experimental aluminum aircraft building.  The Youth fabricated a phone stand that they took home with them.  A big thanks goes out to the chapter members that made the event successful.  Candice Turalba for organizing the event and taking photos.  Rick Drown for working with the youth and letting us use his hangar.  Peter Dooley for work with the youth and taking photos. Bob Meyer, Tony Mellow, Tim Swires, and Eric Wood for working with the youth.  Jerry Latimer for preparing the materials for the event and leading the event.  

  Please click on the YouTube video below to experience the event.






October Young Eagles

  On Saturday October 23, 2023, EAA Chapter 1445 held its third YE event of the year.  Twelve YE's were flown.  Some of the parents were lucky enough to join their YE on the flight.  See YouTube video below.


October Meeting

EAA Chapter 1445 held it's monthly meeting at Ak Chin Regional Airport (A39) on a beautiful October Arizona day.  A39 is halfway between Maricopa, AZ and Casa Grande, AZ.  Thirty members and guests drove an flew in.  Tim Costello, Airport Manager, introduced himself and welcomed the members and guests to A39.   Jack McCormick with Baja Bush Pilots gave a presentation on flying in Mexico and Central America.  After the presentation, everyone enjoyed a hamburger fry.  




Youth Activity

  Saturday September 30, 2023 EAA Chapter 1445 held its second youth activity for youths who had participated in the Chapter's past Young Eagle Events.  This was the first time that the Chapter held a rib building activity for the youths.  Eight youths and their parents attended.  The event was started with a general discussion/presentation on airplanes.  After the discussion the youths were able to build and successfully complete a wing rib with the help of their parents and Chapter 1445 volunteers.  Thanks to everyone who participated and made the activity successful.






September Open House

  On September 16, 2023 EAA Chapter 1445 held its first Open House at the Chandler Municipal Airport.  The main purpose of the open house was to provide knowledge to the general public on the EAA, EAA Chapter 1445, learning to fly, Chandler Airport, and building an airplane.  The open house also included a static display of members' airplanes.  Below is a short YouTube video documenting the event.  Chapter members were busy the entire 4 hours answering the public's questions.  Thanks to the Civil Patrol for selling concessions, Ryan Reeves, airport manager, for his presence to discuss the airport, East Valley EVIT for assisting on the ramp, and Chandler Air Service for providing information on learning to fly.



 Wayne Zander

A group of Vietnam War veterans from around the country gathered in Oshkosh for their annual reunion on Sept. 13, 2023, reconnecting with a "Huey helicopter" that was part of their mission.  One of EAA Chapter 1445's original members, Wayne Zander, attended the reunion.  Wayne was gunner on a Huey during the Vietnam war.


Youth Event

September 9, 2023

EAA Chapter 1445 held its first youth event Saturday September 9, 2023 at Chandler Municipal Airport.  Event consisted of a meeting to discuss purpose of the event and future plans, and a tour of Rick Drown and Scott Todd's hangars.  Five former Young Eagles and their parents attended the event.  



August 2023 Meeting

  On Saturday August 19, 2023 EAA Chapter 1445 held its monthly meeting at the Chandler Municipal Airport Terminal Building.  Approximately 35 members and guests attended the meeting.  Cecil Orozco, President of Chapter 1445, led the meeting where activities for the remainder of the year were discussed and Folks that were able to attend Airventure 2023 discussed their experiences.  Most agreed that the name Airventure is appropriate because it was a venture getting to the event and getting home again.

  After the formal meeting, a social hour was held with pizza and hot wings.  Members were able to get to know each other better.  The chapter had 5 new members attend so they were able to get know the membership and find folks with similar interests.




Airventure 23 Journey

  At zero dark thirty July 20th, Bob Meyer starts his flight to Airventure 23.

 Short Video of Bob's adventure





Bob's office at Oskosh


Chapter Brick in front of Brown Arch 


A few of Chapter 1445's members that were able to make Airventure 2023



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