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EAA106 Youth Programs

Seeking volunteer mentors to sign up now for 3 possible/new 2021 youth programs.

EAA106 needs a few members to indicate their willingness and skills to serve in 2021 as mentors for three possible (new) EAA Youth Programs. Why now? It's not a final commitment and those who volunteer now will participate in the setting the date(s), with the exception of the Ray Scholarship.  We need to assess whether we have enough mentor interest in order to start planning for 2021.  So read on and if interested, send an email answering the three questions below. 

Below are details about each of these programs, including what it is, the time commitment needed, and program info links.

PROGRAM 1 -- EAA Young Eagles Build & Fly (R/C) program
PROGRAM 2 -- EAA Young Eagles Day Camp Workshop (1 full day)
PROGRAM 3 -- EAA Ray's Scholarship Fund - $10,000 for a youth's flight training

These would be in addition to our Young Eagle flight events and our annual EAA106 Youth Scholarship.

After reading the below descriptions, if you believe you would make a great mentor for a program, please send an email to: 

Please include in your mail:  
    1) The program for which you'd like to volunteer as a mentor. 
    2) Why you'd like to volunteer, why you'd make a great mentor, and the specific skills you have related to that program.
    3) Advise whether you have any limitations related to the estimated time commitment.
Please note:  EAA requires that all mentors involved with any of these youth programs must take "Youth Protection Training" and pass a background check.  Read more at:  https://www.eaa.org/eaa/youth/youth-protection-policy-and-program 

PROGRAM 1 -- EAA Young Eagles Build & Fly (R/C) program

Approximately three members of EAA106 and three members of AMA will jointly mentor approximately six youth, ages 11-17. The youth will be building and flying an electric-powered R/C aircraft - the SIG LT-40 eKadet Model. The volunteers will mentor/teach/demonstrate techniques for how to build and fly an electric-powered, wooden R/C. Volunteers should be mindful of the adult vs youth involvement so that it is the youth who build the aircraft, not the adults. 
During the build sessions, the youth will need to be taught about flight principles as well as flying an R/C on the included Real Flight 9 simulator software with Transmitter. IF you are volunteering to mentor for this program and have a high-end (fast gaming processor type) laptop you could bring to these build sessions, please mention that in your volunteering email.
When and time commitment:
When we can meet with safety protocols in 2021, we would follow this plan: Another chapter (which just completed this build and started flying) gave us some feedback. They suggested finishing by noon so that the rest of Saturday is free (and they include Young Eagle flights after some of their build sessions). They said it took them approximately 15 Saturday morning sessions of 2-3 hours each for the build which is line with what EAA said was their understanding: "40 hours is a typical time period to build the plane."  That's just the build, not the flying after the build.  This feedback suggest the ideal time to build, learn flight principles, and fly the simulator will be Saturdays from 9am-noon.
EAA program handbook, including kit details and FAQ:  Go to:
The link for the PDF handbook is near the bottom of the page.

Note: The kit (normally about $1,500) is being offered through EAA for $500 (plus shipping & handling). We will discuss this during our annual budgeting (typically in January), for which members vote. But we also welcome any donations (we are an IRS-designated Public Charity) to our general fund to help cover the cost of this kit.  See:  https://chapters.eaa.org/eaa106/join-renew-donate 

PROGRAM 2 -- EAA Young Eagles Day Camp Workshop (1 full day)

The EAA Young Eagles Workshops program provides an opportunity for EAA chapters to offer youth who are of school age (approximately 11 to 17) an opportunity to learn about aviation in a social setting at a local airport. EAA Young Eagles Workshops can be a one-day or a multiple day experience geared to introduce kids to the basic elements of airplanes and aviation.
EAA national provides turnkey content, materials, and a guidebook to offering workshops at the local airport. Content and materials include learning modules on a variety of aviation subject matter, activity work sheets, and interactive activities such as hands on building and fabricating project ideas, materials and role-playing related to piloting.
EAA106 will consider a 1-day "camp" (day only) as our first effort.

When and time commitment: 
When we can meet with safety protocols in 2021, we would hold this on one full Saturday (for the program itself).
There will need to be sessions with mentors (some on-line, some in person) well prior to the actual day to: 1) Determine how the team will find and select a limited number of youth, 2) review the materials and and plan the event 3) determine the role of each mentor (with backups), 4) preparation of physical materials and workstations before the event, etc. and 5) hold a post-event debrief with the EAA106 Board to discuss how it went (for the youth, the parents, the volunteers), lessons learned, whether to run another event, etc.
Once we know more, we will update this page.
EAA program handbook or other details and FAQ: 
Not yet available, but we expect information soon after a 9/24/20 kickoff webinar for chapters.


PROGRAM 3 -- EAA Ray's Scholarship Fund - $10,000 for a youth's flight training

The Ray Aviation Scholarship Fund is a scholarship program supported by the Ray Foundation, managed by EAA, and administered through the EAA Chapter network. Through the generous support of the Ray Foundation, EAA will provide up to $10,000 to deserving youths for their flight training expenses. The scholar, in addition to flight training, has a requirement to partake in two hours of chapter volunteer service per month.
While EAA recommends the overall program and selection be handled by our Youth Scholarship Committee, this program needs at least one pilot willing to be the Ray Scholarship Coordinator and mentor the youth throughout this program. Since we do not know at which airport a potential scholar might be based, we hope that several members will volunteer to ensure we can make one youth/pilot/airport match and ideally have a backup mentor.
When and time commitment: 
The chapter applies to participate starting in November and last year, EAA started accepting scholar nominations in March. 
The Ray Scholarship Coordinator has several activities throughout the flight training (up to a year) working with the scholar. The prime role is to mentor the Ray Aviation Scholar to encourage success (available to answer questions; schedule monthly check-in reports with the scholar, CFI, and chapter, etc). 
The program also requires this person work with the Ray Aviation Scholar to submit required reports.  Report 1: Due at first solo or three-month mark, whichever occurs first.  Report 2: Due at completion of FAA written or six-month mark, whichever occurs first.  Report 3: Due at the successful completion of flight training or 12-month mark, whichever occurs first.
EAA program details and FAQ:  Go to:
While the EAA106 Youth Scholarship Committee will work as a team with the Ray Scholarship Coordinator to identify and select a youth for this special scholarship, the Ray Scholarship Coordinator will become the primary interface with EAA and the Ray Aviation Scholar and has some on-going/special duties once a youth has been selected.  For the complete list, click here: Ray Scholarship Coordinator requirements and duties



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