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From Dan Benkert

Hello MAAC Members, 
Welcome Spring!
We conducted our first of three Grassroots meetings at Niemyjski's hangar on Sat, Mar 16th, meeting minutes attached. 
The next meeting is scheduled for Fri, May 31'st at the Marginal Aviation First Ditch Fly-In, LeSeuer, MN, and the last meeting of 2024 will commence at the annual Grassroots Fly-In, Sep 5th - 8th, 2024. 
We anticipate an upgrade to the MAAC website and on-line renewals system in the summer timeframe. I've seen a sneak preview (testing phase), and it looks fabulous! BIG THANKS to Director John Ricciotti for making this a reality! 
Yes, we will continue to accommodate members who are off-line, no worry about this.
In the meantime, if you haven't already, feel free to mail the attached renewal form + $10.00 to Alex Koerner, 2168 South State Rt 115, Kankakee, IL 60901. Thank you!
Happy Easter to All!
Julie Heston
MAAC Newsletter Editor
(847) 420-1501
<MAAC Mtg Minutes_Mar 2024.pdf>


From Gary Telkamp

An AOPA article: https://www.aopa.org/news-and-media/all-news/2024/march/21/a-candid-reflection-on-faa-aircraft-hangar-leases-and-hangar-reversion-policy

Wall Airport update - From David Jedlicka, the project manager for the runway project.

On Saturday, May 11, 2024, the airport will have a Grand Opening, weather permitting.  Pancake breakfast and Wall Drug donuts will be on hand.  This would be a great chance and a big deal for our chapter to be there and meet the Mayor, Chamber of Commerce President, as well as the Economic Development Director.

From Jim Logajan

Two years ago a friend and I created the aviation forum https://flyersforum.org/ which is an ad-free non-profit site. Today I decided to create a Regional Forums category on it and added a Black Hills regional forum:  https://flyersforum.org/forums/black-hills-of-south-dakota-and-wyoming.41/You are all invited to follow it and only need to create an account if you wish to post.

 From Darrel Sauder

In recognition of its support, EAA Chapter 39 earned $215 in Young Eagles Credits.  Your chapter may begin redeeming these credits on March 1, 2024.  Expenses eligible for Young Eagles credit reimbursement must be incurred by December 31, 2024, and submitted to EAA by January 21, 2025.  Young Eagles credit balances will be updated monthly at EAA.org/YECredits.

Continuing this year, EAA is accepting digital reimbursement forms to improve ease and efficiency.  Even if your chapter has already submitted an ACH wire transfer form, EAA encourages all chapters to submit ACH wire transfer forms, so that reimbursements can be directly deposited the correct chapter bank account, and that EAA has the correct treasurer email address on file.

Young Eagles Credit Reimbursement Policy Full Updated

EAA has published new guidance on the Young Eagles credit program. This includes a comprehensive listing of approved expenditures that can be reimbursed for using Young Eagles credits. This guidance can be found at EAA.org/YECredits.

Updates to EAA Air Academy Camp Reservations

EAA will be moving to a digital reservation system for Air Academy Camp slots. The 2025 Air Academy schedule and reservations will be made available Tuesday, September 3, 2024.

If your chapter plans to use your current Young Eagles credits for a 2024 Air Academy camper’s tuition, please notify the camp team at airacademy@eaa.org. As a reminder, longtime camp director, Scott Cameron retired from EAA in 2023. More than $460,000 of Young Eagles credits were earned in 2023 – Congratulations on all your chapter’s accomplishment and thank you for your continued support of the EAA Young Eagles program.


From Ryan Evans

Hello...I live in southwest North Dakota and don’t have a local EAA. I purchased an RV-7A kit that is mostly done but I’m finding it’s taking too much of my free time and not getting any flying in. I just thought I’d check around to see if there are any builders looking for something to do on the side and might be looking for one to work on. I’m just curious what it would cost to get it finished rather than me taking 5 years. Thanks....

Ryan Evans


From EAA 

EAA Supports MOSAIC Proposal to Increase Opportunities for Pilots, New Recreational Aircraft | EAA

From Dan Benkert

MAAC Members are asking for 2024 renewals info, and thanks to John Ricciotti, we are close to having a secure, on-line system for renewals and correspondence this Spring '24, in addition to the current option for renewals by regular USPS mail.

If you want to renew sooner than later, please print / complete ALL info on the atch’d 2024 renewal form, especially if you have made any changes since your last renewal. Mail forms + $10.00 to: MAAC, c/o Alex Koerner, 2168 South State Rt 115, Kankakee, IL 60901.

The form is also available at www.maacgrassroots.net/join. Thank you!


MAAC Name Badges are ordered twice annually since bulk orders cut costs for the club. An order is being placed next week for requests received since Sep '23 Grassroots. I will update you on an anticipated delivery date when the order is placed.

Also, if you recv’d a note today from Tom Schweizer, it was spam, please disregard. Just spoke with Tom and all is well.


Upcoming events:

Mar 16th - Grassroots Meeting @ Niemyjski’s Hangar, Franksville, WI

Atch’d photos: Brodhead Chili Ski Fly-in, Feb ’23, photo credits - Elroy Hilbert

From Dwight Pladsen

National Park Service Completes Mount Rushmore National Memorial Air Tour Management Plan

KEYSTONE, S.D. – The National Park Service (NPS) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) completed an air tour management plan for Mount Rushmore National Memorial on November 17, 2023. The plan will prohibit commercial air tours over the park and within one-half mile of the boundary of the park to protect the park’s natural and cultural resources, Tribal sacred sites and ceremonial areas, and visitor experience within the ATMP boundary. The plan’s operating parameters will be effective within 180 days from the date of signature.

The newly completed plan was developed in cooperation with stakeholders representing a variety of interests, including Tribal Nations, other land management agencies, the public, and recreation groups. The plan addresses and responds to concerns identified during these consultations and through public comment.

“We appreciate the engagement of the many stakeholders that worked with us on the development of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial Air Tour Management Plan. Prohibiting commercial air tours will protect the cultural and spiritual significance of these lands to Tribes and will provide a peaceful setting for visitors to enjoy and experience,” said Michelle Wheatley, the park’s superintendent.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial is one of the parks in the National Park System for which the agencies are developing an air tour management plan or voluntary agreement. Each air tour management plan is developed to manage commercial air tours in a way that is consistent with the NPS’s mission, the individual park’s purposes, and the FAA’s authority to ensure aviation safety.

The plans meet the requirements from the National Parks Air Tour Management Act to reduce or prevent significant adverse impacts from commercial air tours on the park and meet NPS’s obligation to protect the park's natural and cultural resources, wildlife, and provide for the enjoyment of visitors.

The final air tour management plan is available at the Planning, Environment & Public Comment (PEPC) website. Please visit NPS Air Tours and FAA’s Air Tour Management Plan site for more detailed information about air tour management plans.

About the National Park Service: More than 20,000 National Park Service employees care for America’s more than 400 national park units and work with communities across the nation to help preserve local history and create close-to-home recreational opportunities. Learn more at www.nps.gov

Earl Perez-Foust, he/him

Program Manager

Interpretation and Education

Office: 605-574-3115

Mount Rushmore National Memorial


FYI for homebuilt certifications.
Subject: Van's Aircraft Defective Parts Alert
This email is to provide awareness for FAA ASI’s and Designee’s performing certification work on Van’s Aircraft.
In July 2023, Van’s Aircraft announced that various sheet metal parts manufactured using a laser cutting process from January 2022 through June 2023 contained defects of irregular holes and cracked dimples. These defects may cause cracking in critical structures.
Information and documentation about the affected parts and recommended actions are located on Van’s Aircraft website at https://www.vansaircraft.com/2023/07/information-about-dimpled-hole-cracking-on-some-laser-cut-parts/

It is recommended that when certificating potentially affected aircraft, an assessment is made as to whether there are any affected parts in the build.

From Kevin Chapman in North Dakota

I was wondering who in this group is into off airport flying and/or just getting together on a nice weekend day to go do some fun flying.   We came down for the Black Hills Fly In and had a blast and would like to connect with some more people.  Thanks. 

Kevin J. Chapman
Chapman Law Firm, P.C.
417 First Ave. East
PO Box 1920
Williston, ND  58802-192
(701) 572-3966
Email:  kevin@chapmanlawoffice.com


Tribute to Ken Post

Tribute to Ken Post

Aero Educate Program

For anyone interested, AeroEducate is a free online program filled with age-based learning activities and STEM projects, where K-12 students can explore and develop their aviation curiosity into a lifelong career.  Parents, teachers, and EAA chapters can also utilize AeroEducate to further youths' interests in science, technology, engineering, and math with free vetted activities.  You can visit AeroEducate.org to learn more.


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