How do I sign up as a volunteer for AEROMART?

Volunteer help is always appreciated, anyone interested in volunteering for Aeromart can contact Geoff Robison, Aeromart Chairman.




Can I purchase sales tags in advance?

Yes; we are expecting to be in a position to sell tags starting June 1st. 
Sales tags can be purchased at a discounted price of $18 for 20 tags and filled out in advance to speed up your check-in time. You will be assigned a Contract\Vendor number at that time, and most of that contract will be filled out for you for you to finalize when you arrive.

Can I use my left over sales tags from previous years?

NO.  The tag format may change from year to year.  Also, each tag is sequentially numbered to help manage the inventory.

Can I fill out the vendor sales contract in advance?

No, however a seller who pre-purchases tags will be able to approve the contract prior to AirVenture.

How do I pay for my tag and sales fees?
Aeromart will accept cash, travelers’ checks, and any major debit or credit cards.   Personal checks will not be accepted.

What happens if my items don’t sell?
It is your responsibility to retrieve your unsold items, and have them checked out by Aeromart personnel no later than 2 pm on Saturday of AirVenture.

  • Your copy of the sales tag must be surrendered in order to remove the item.

NOTICE – Any of your items remaining after that time will be considered abandoned and will become a donation to AEROMART (EAA), and will either be disposed of or sold independently by Aeromart.

Can I have AEROMART store my unsold parts until next year?

NO.  It is your responsibility to remove your items from the Aeromart site.  Aeromart does not have the facilities to provide such a service.  And any items remaining will be considered donated to Aeromart.

Can I ship parts to AEROMART in advance, can AEROMART sell them for me?

NO.  Aeromart does not have the resources to offer that type of service.  You or a person representing you as the seller needs to personally check the items in.

How do I need to package my parts – packaging/display suggestions?

  • At the Aeromart site, Aeromart will provide tie-wrap type fasteners that you may use to attach your inventory/sales tags.  This will be suitable for attaching the tag to most items.  If necessary, the tag can be fastened down to the object with clear packing tape or some other secure method.  The tag will need to be removed by the Aeromart volunteers when the item is purchased, so plan accordingly.
  • Multiple items intended to be sold as a set should be securely fastened together, or bagged to keep all the items together.  Rope works well for tires.  Clear plastic wrap or bags will work well for most items.
  • The item to be sold should be attached to the tag, if an item is included in a box please consider removing the item from the box before being checked-in.
  • NOTICE – During the week of AirVenture, many people will handle the items – package your items to avoid damage, as the parts are still your property until sold.
  • Large parts may need to be displayed outdoors. BE PREPARED to provide cover for items that could be damaged in poor weather – plan accordingly.

Can I change my asking price during the week?

Yes, however you must notify the Aeromart volunteers that you wish to change the price of your item.

I have multiple large parts to sell, some are very heavy; will I be able to unload these items?

Probably.  Volunteers will be available to help you if necessary.  However, we will be assisting many sellers and appreciate it if you can be as self sufficient as practical.  If necessary, a forklift could be made available upon request.  There will be a small area next to Aeromart where you can park while unloading your items, and we will be encouraging everyone using the area to unload and check-in as quickly as possible to avoid traffic congestion.  If you have multiple heavy items on a small trailer we may be able to fit the entire trailer into the outside sales area, pending available space.  We recommending contacting Aeromart in advance to make sure your needs can be accommodated.

Since space is limited around the Aeromart Tent, we ask that you limit the time your vehicle is parked by the Tent to 15 minutes.


How do I remove purchased parts from the area?

Items are purchased as is – where is.  Smaller purchased items are usually carried out at the time of purchase.  It is the responsibility of the buyer to determine how to remove large items from the area, however, pick up should be discussed with the Aeromart volunteers in advance to arrange for access and help if needed.  Most normal commercial shipping methods (UPS, FedEx, Parcel Post, freight truck) are available in the Oshkosh area, and the buyer is responsible for making all arrangements.  However, the Aeromart volunteers will do their best to help out when able.

How do I pay for my parts?

Aeromart will accept cash, travelers’ checks, and most debit or credit cards.   Personal checks will not be accepted.

Will AEROMART hold my parts for me during the fly-in?  Until after the fly-in?

Large items will be marked as “sold” until pick up can be arranged.  Smaller parts should be carried out at the time of purchase.  If needed, some bulky parts can be marked as “sold” and held for a reasonable time (<2 hours) while the purchaser gets help or arranges for pick up.  The purchaser will be requested to provide proof of the purchase when claiming the part.

NOTICE – once purchased, items become the property of the Buyer.  Also, Aeromart closes at 5 PM daily and the site is locked up.  If you need to make special arrangements, you will need to work with the Aeromart volunteers to accommodate your needs.

Is there an AEROMART warranty?  How do I know the parts are good?

Buying an item at Aeromart is strictly on an “as is – where is” condition.  It is not practical to expect that Aeromart volunteers will have any knowledge of an item’s history or suitability.  The purpose of Aeromart is to provide a means to transfer property from the Seller to you the Buyer.

Can I leave an offer for the Seller?

The inventory tag does not provide an option for a counter offer.  However, for expensive items the Aeromart staff may be able to contact the Seller on your behalf.

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