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Chapter Videos

 Aerial Firefighting Water Scooping Operations - Jacob Patrick - Jake has and extensive background teaching formation and airborne coordination tactics. Come learn how they employ multiple aircraft fighting wildfires out west.

Surveillance Broadcast Services - Paul Freeman "UNDERSTANDING ADS-B, SBS, TIS-B & FIS-B" Paul will go over how these systems work and all the advantages of having these traffic and flight information systems in your aircraft.

Keystone Aerial Surveys - Rodney Buckland - "Flying Aerial Surveys" - Rodney and Alex review their experiences flying for this highly technical organization and its fascinating capabilities.

Building the Bearhawk - Todd Stock, Carlo Cilliers and Neil Dickinson - 2023 December 07; No less than three chapter members currently building the same aircraft. Find out what makes this model so enticing,

Operating the Boeing C-97G and the Pratt & Whitney R-4360 Engine - Gerald Blake - 2023 November 2; A real workhorse with one of the ultimate in piston powered aircraft engines. Or resident historian will show us what it was like operating this massive aircraft.

Flying to the Bahamas - Steve Gross - 2023 September 6; Steve has flown multiple trips to the islands, including the most recent in his RV-10. Find out what it takes to fly yourself to an island escape!

Aircraft Electrical Wiring  - Jim Logie - 2023 May 4;  Jim will fo over the basics of our aircraft electrical system and the importance of using the proper components. Installation and inspections will also be covered.

CHARLES & ANN MORROW LINDBERGH - Not a video - Presentation by Gerard L. Blake; original format created in PowerPoint, October 2019.  The following are PDF files, broken down into five segments as presented to the chapter.

PART 1: Their Lives & Times The Formative Years

PART 2: After Paris

PART 3: Tragedy, Triumphs and Exile

PART 4: World War II

PART 5: Post World War II And Finality


Solo Across America - David Tulis - 2023 September 07: David Tulis presenting on “Solo Across America.” His story is about flying his aircraft back from the west coast.


Mike Filucci - 1987 SOCATA Epsilon TB-30 - 2020 January 02: What started out as a presentation on formation flying turned into a fascinating tale about the acquisition of a 1987 Socata Epsilon TB-30.


Airborne Decision Making - Brad Thompson - 2019 December 05; Brad discusses how he and his crew reacted in different situations, and what was learned.


EAA 524 SPRING PICNIC - 23 April 2023; A fabulous potluck cookout, chapter awards, Young Eagle and Eagle flights were all part of the festivities. Last but not least was a flight on the much documented RV-10 to Martinsburg and back.


AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE - 06  April  2023 - Chapter meeting presentation by Tom Young; a recognized expert when it comes to maintaining aircraft.


EAA 524 CESSNA RECOVERY - Nov 25 thru Dec 3, 2022; Video short of chapter members recovering an abandoned and lonely Cessna 150; thus beginning a new adventure for the mechanically aviation enthusiast.


JAMES WEBB SPACE TELESCOPE UPDATE - 01 Dec 2022; Speaker  Tom Comeau discusses some of the challenges, expectations and surprises the JWST unveils of the Hidden Universe.


VANS RV-6A BATTERY POWERED TUG - 02 Oct 2022 This is a homemade tug for the Vans RV-6A that Dan Morris designed and made after looking at several other Youtube videos . . . 



Here is an overview of these flying programs with risk management, aircraft performance, as well as tips and tricks for the Explore Maryland by Air and Virginia Aviation Ambassador programs. Included in the presentation are the following handouts:

VA MD Flight Worksheet

MD Public Use Airports - stamp locations

VA Public Use Airports - stamp locations


RV 10 FIRST FLIGHT - Maiden flight of the the RV 10 experimental aircraft at Frederick Municipal Airport on July 4, 2022.


RV 10 - ENGINE TEST - 31 May 2022; build team and EAA Chapter 524 members gathered to watch and lend a hand during the engine and brake test operation.


CONDITION INSPECTIONS WITH AN A&P - 05 May 2022; Mr. Walt monk shares his experience as an A&P and goes over options in doing an annual condition inspection.


EAA240 TO KFDK2 - 30 April 2022; EAA240 Fly out to Frederick MD for lunch and to meet-up with local Chapter 524. Good times had by all! Enjoy EAA240 video.


SPRING COOK OUT 2022 EAA CHAPTER 524 - 02 April 2022; Chapter members, family and friends gather at the hanger for food, fun and flight.


FLYING THE BLACKBIRD - 03 March 2022; Colonel Buz Carpenter shares what it was like to fly one of the fastest aircraft ever developed. Learn the details about this marvel of engineering. FUN FACTS PDF


THE HIDDEN UNIVERSE AWAITS - 03 Feb 2022; Tom Comeau touches on his personal experience with the James Webb Space Telescope and ignites our imagination with the possibilities of new celestial discoveries. “The hidden Universe awaits: Aligning the optics of the James Webb Space Telescope”


MADSEN SOLO - 2021 Ray Aviation Scholarship Award Recipient for EAA Chapter 524 achieves first solo at Frederick Municipal Airport, Maryland, 10 December 2021.


RV10 BUILD TEAM - 2021 June 17; Focus was on the motor tonight and it was a great experience for everyone.


RV10 BUILD TEAM - 2021 June 15; It's been a month and the plane is really taking shape.


RV 10 COME HOME - May 15, 2021; RV 10 returns from Virginia and is moved into its new home hangar.


RV 10 BUILD TEAM - 01 May 2021; Work continues on the wings. Our young eagle continues his hands-on learning, working with metal, fabrication, fit, finish and home-builds.


EAA 524 Spring Picnic 2021 - 17 April 2021; Two young eagles took advantage of the gathering and everyone was delighted to be out on the tarmac with family and friends.


RV 10 BUILD TEAM - 10 April 2021; Time to work on the wings while the plane is out getting the avionics installed. So much room in the hangar!


RV 10 MOVES OUT - 03 April 2021; wrapped up and loaded to ship for avionics; wings are brought in for additional work.


RV 10 BUILD TEAM - 20 March 2021; window work continues and epoxy is applied; visit from Veteran Affairs representative.


RV 10 BUILD TEAM - 13 March 2021; time to put in the windows; weather is wonderful and starting to see some youths back in action.


RV 10 BUILD TEAM - 06 March 2021; excitement builds, the plane is taking shape and will soon be ready to send for avionic work.


RV 10 BUILD TEAM - 21 February 2021; snow is still visible at the airport but work has continued to progress on the RV 10.


RV 10 BUILD TEAM - 30 January 2021


RV 10 BUILD TEAM - 16 January 2021


RV 10 BUILD TEAM - 02 January 2021; group-build session uncrate the motor and begin the install process.


RV 10 BUILD TEAM -  17 September 2020; group- build session continues work on the tunnel and prepares final metal skin application.


RV 10 BUILD TEAM  - 29 August 2020; group-build session sees some new faces and return favorites. Making progress!


RV 10 BUILD TEAM  - 22 August 2020; group-build session for an RV-10 aircraft continues.


EAA 524 SPORT FLYERS -  2019 Ray Aviation Scholarship Award Recipient makes one last visit to the hangar before leaving for college, Summer 2020.


FIRST FLIGHT - Pilots, Tom Young and Gerard Blake braved the February skies over Frederick, Maryland, with the newly restored 1946 Piper Cub, 22 Feb. 2020.


BUZZARD SOLO - 2019 Ray Aviation Scholarship Award Recipient for EAA Chapter 524 achieves first solo at Frederick Municipal Airport, Maryland, 08 January 2020.


CUB TAXI TEST - First taxi test of the nearly ready J-3 Cub, 03 December 2019.


CUB'S 2ND ENGINE START - As part of its airworthiness inspection, the engine was started and run for the second time. It did both just fine, 17 November 2019.


CUB'S 1ST ENGINE STARTFirst start of overhauled engine in the restored Cub, 06 November 2019.


CUB PROJECT WORK SESSIONFrederick Sport Flyers find time to teach as the Chapter's Cub Project is nears completion, 14 October 2019.


BALLOON BURNER DEMOPatrick Smith of Tailwinds Over Frederick demonstrates the two burner modes during his presentation at EAA Chapter 524's picnic and meeting, 07 October 2016.


ALUMINUM OVERCASTB-17 flight operations during the EAA tour stop at Frederick, MD., 18 October, 2014. 


T-28 - 12 May 2014.


FORD TRI-MOTOR OPERATIONSFord Tri-Motor EAA Tour Stop, Frederick Maryland, 26 September 2013.

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