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Eric Gettel, President

Lifetimes ago I worked in the jet engine industry and was always fascinated by aircraft. Back in those nearly penniless days I found racing sports cars to be a more accessible pursuit and by the mid 1990’s racing’s adrenaline rush was deeply infused in my blood. Yet one fine day when my new brother-in-law took me up in a tired 172 rental here at ARB I instantly became hooked on flying. My wife and I then moved to Boston and in those 7 years she earned a graduate degree while I earned a private pilot license. We found our way back to Ann Arbor, which was good because both sets of our parents had somehow become grandparents. I have been an EAA member since the early 2000’s and associated with chapter 333 since 2016. I am presently building an RV-9A and am halfway through the wing sub-kit. I rent 172s and 182s from Michigan Flyers where I maintain currency and strive for that ever-elusive sense of proficiency.

Beth Wichterman 

Beth Wichterman, Vice President

When I joined the Ann Arbor Flyers in 1998, I was asked, "What was your most memorable flight?" There were 2 then: taking the controls of an aircraft for the first time in a 99's Pinch Hitter course, and being a passenger on the VFR arrival into OSH during the big EAA convention (WOW)! I wanted to get my license from the moment I took the controls back in 1998. There have been many memorable flights now, lots of camaraderie and aircraft ownership. Retiring from materials engineering work has left more time for aviation including a long trip out west with my husband. Flying to OSH from ARB last summer in my RANS S-6 LSA and parking in Homebuilts was quite memorable! While I am not building myself, I have helped hot wire molds and layup and vacuum bag components for my husband's fiberglass bird. I have been a member of EAA for many years and active most recently with EAA333 since the fall of 2016.

 Renaud Guibert

Renaud Guibert, Treasurer

I was one of those kids who loved models and could not hear a rumble in the sky without rushing to spot the aircraft who caused it. My first flight was at the age of ten, in a De Havilland Dragon Rapide and I soloed in a glider on the eve of my 20th birthday. A few years later, while living in South-East Asia, I flew a Piper J3 and became part owner of a PA18 Super Cub. Island hopping and bush flying were a lot of fun. Some 40 years later, I reconnected with flying and decided to build a model large enough to sit in. Visitors are welcome to see the all-metal two-seater Waiex that I am building in the KARB EAA hangar.


Larry Sissom, Secretary

Larry grew up in the Wayne - Westland area near the old National Airport where he used to ride his bicycle to watch aircraft take off and land. Now retired, he worked for Ford Motor Company for 45 years as an engineer in truck manufacturing. Larry is married to Ginger, who works part time as a Pilates instructor at the Chelsea Wellness Center, and has one daughter (Halley) who is a financial analyst at the University of Michigan. Larry has been flying since 1992 and is currently building a RV-7A at his home in Chelsea, Michigan. Larry has been an EAA member since 1997.


 Rob Peterson, Director

I started flying in high school, and graduated from the Univ. of Dubuque with a double major in Flight Operations and Aviation Management as a CFIAIM. I taught at the University for three years after graduation and became the Assistant Chief Flight Instructor before getting hired at Mesaba Airlines in 1998. At Mesaba, I flew the Saab 340 for 10 years and the CRJ-900 for six years, becoming an instructor pilot on both planes. In 2014, I began flying the Airbus A319/320/321 for Delta Airlines. As a hobby, I design and build toy pedal planes for kids, and enjoy travel photography.


Mark Powell, Director

I’ve loved airplanes ever since I can remember. When I was young, I would fly with my pilot dad and build and fly U-Control model air- planes. My first Oshkosh was 1974 and after that I dreamed of building a real airplane.

I earned my private pilot license right after graduating from college in the early-80s, and fulfilled my dream of building an airplane as I built a Kitfox 1987-1992. I built the wings in the living room of my apartment in Jackson Hole, WY and finished the rest in a one car gar- age after buying a house. I flew it until around 2012, when I bought a 1963 Cessna 172. I also owned 1⁄2 share of a Steen Skybolt (open cockpit bi-plane) for 2 years (2010 & 2011).

I donated the Kitfox to the Kalamazoo Air Zoo where it is currently displayed in their lobby. They use it to promote the museum (they can take it to parades because of the custom trailer and folding wings).

I’ve been an EAA member since 1984, and was the founder of the Jackson Hole EAA Chapter 1049. I am currently the Young Eagle Coordinator for EAA Chapter 333 and am passionate about getting the next generation interested in aviation.

I have Bachelor degrees in both Accounting and Computer Science, am a CPA, and spent my career in Accounting Software. My job brought me to Michigan in 2003. I retired at the end of 2018. I am married (Pam) and have 2 grown daughters 24 and 22 years old (Madisen & Malley).


Chris Gordon, Director (past president 2012-2019)

I was born into a flying family, my father owned Gordon Aviation (a Piper dealer and FBO) at the Ann Arbor Airport where I spent most of my weekends since as long as I can remember. My first paying job was mowing the runway at Shamrock Field in Brooklyn, and I also did a stint as a lineman with J&J Aviation during high school, where the current EAA 333 hangars are located. I remember being absolutely awestruck watching a thundering F-14 Tomcat taking off in full afterburner at Oshkosh one summer as a kid, and I think that set the hook long before the movie Top Gun came out - what bigger challenge for a pilot than landing on an aircraft carrier? So after earning my private license in high school (with dad and my Northwest Airlines pilot uncle as flight instructors) and four years of Naval ROTC and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan, I was fortunate enough to reach my goal and enjoyed a 21 year career as an F-14 pilot and a few other wonderful gigs in the US Navy. I shared this exciting journey with my wife of 29 years and 4 kids we collected along the way, and we finally landed in Dexter near our families in 2009. I now run a workshop back at U-M Engineering where students build all manner of projects from concrete canoes to solar powered cars - this would be an amazing place to build an airplane, but I'm more of a flyer than a builder so I share an off-the-shelf Cessna 172RG with 2 other retired Naval Aviators. I enjoyed being EAA 333 President since 2012 and am proud of all the things we were able to accomplish with the hangar complex, and I am looking forward to seeing how our chapter can grow with some new ideas at the helm!




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