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Program Summary

The Loren Hodge EAA Chapter has initiated an ambitious Train-A-Pilot Program to identify, sponsor, and guide deserving young people to earn a private pilot license as a beginning step in their achievements in the field of aviation.  This will be awarded as funds become available.

Mission Statement

The Loren Hodge Aviation Scholarship Foundation is organized within the EAA Chapter 274. The Foundation is dedicated to providing an opportunity in aviation for highly motivated dedicated bright young men and women who live in the Decatur area. This will be achieved in a ground and flight training program.

The Train-A-Pilot Scholarship Program

The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Loren Hodge Chapter 274 want to make it possible for a young person to earn a Private Pilot Certificate with relatively little cash outlay on his/her part. The student will be expected to pay for the required medical exam and all necessary books and training materials. Individual membership to the National EAA and  the local Loren Hodge EAA Chapter 274 are required. Membership to the local chapter is $25.00, and the National EAA membership is $40.00. EAA Student Membership is available FREE of charge to any young person age 8-18 who has completed a Young Eagle flight. The EAA Chapter will pay for the remaining costs incidental to the student’s obtaining his/her Private Pilot Certificate. Students who intend to choose some aspect of aviation as their career are urged to apply.

Rules for eligibility are modest but firm. Please see Requirements and Eligibility below.  The Train-A-Pilot Committee, composed of the members of the Chapter, will choose up to five candidates from the pool of applicants. The Chapter, then, will select the winner of the scholarship from this group of five at their regular meeting.

The Train-A-Pilot Committee will monitor the scholar’s progress. The scholar will be expected to maintain timely progress toward achieving the expertise required of a Private Pilot. Flight instructors have complete authority in decisions regarding the progress of instruction (when the student is ready to solo, is ready for cross-country flight, etc.). The Train-A-Pilot Committee, acting as an agent for EAA Chapter 274, will hold sole authority and responsibility for decisions regarding the scholar’s termination or continuation in the program.

Progress Goals

  • Complete first solo flight within 16 flight hours.*
  • Complete first solo cross-country flight within 30 flight hours.*
  • Complete all training within the 40-hour minimum requirement.*

Progress goals are an effective means to keep the training progress to maintain control of costs. If a progress goal is not attained, outside monetary support is encouraged to complete that phase of training. Once the progress goal is satisfactorily met the Chapter will resume fiduciary support. The Train-A-Pilot Committee appointed to administer the Train-A-Pilot Program will consult with the flight instructor as appropriate. The Chairperson of the Train-A-Pilot Committee will report the selectee’s formal ground school performance and ground and flight training progress to the Chapter Board quarterly at the January, April, July and October Board meetings. The performance criteria developed by the Chapter will be used to measure progress towards satisfying the requirements for the FAA Private Pilot Certification. The contracted Train-A-Pilot CFI’s shall submit an invoice for services at the completion of each progress goal. *The Train-A-Pilot committee may allocate additional time and payment.

For more information please come to our monthly meeting.

Eligibility Requirements & Rules

The eligibility Requirements for the prospective candidate are as follows:

  1. The candidate must be sixteen to eighteen years of age, inclusive.
  2. The candidate must display an interest in aviation.
  3. The candidate must have a grade average of B or higher in academic schoolwork.
  4. The candidate must have parental permission and support to enter the training program. In addition the parents of the candidate must execute a “Hold Harmless” agreement releasing EAA Chapter 274 and the EAA Chapter 274 Loren Hodge Aviation Scholarship Foundation and their officers from any liability for any accident or injury suffered as a consequence of participation in flight training.
  5. The candidate must join and be active in both the Experimental Aviation Association and the local chapter.
  6. The candidate must pass the FAA medical examination administered by a designated FAA Medical Examiner before training begins.
  7. The candidate will strive to have the time and ability to study and fly five hours per week, subject to the instructor’s schedule and complete the program within 120 days.
  8. You are expected to pass the FAA written exam before commencing your first solo cross country flight.
  9. You will be expected to accomplish your first solo flight within the first 16 hours of instruction.
  10. The candidate must provide his/her transportation to and from the training site.


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