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IMPORTANT UPDATE - We have dis-continued supporting 'virtual' participation in our chapter meetings using the Zoom software.  However, we will be doing video recordings of some of the guest speaker's presentations.  You will find those presentations on our Video Library page.  For the convenience of those of you who use Zoom for your meetings and might find the Zoom help shown below useful, we decided to leave this help page active for your reference (at least for a while).

LEGACY INFO - We have been using Zoom for some of our chapter meetings recently.  We provide this as a service to those chapter members who cannot attend in person.  We will do our best to make this a quality experience for all participants.  Here are some useful guidelines to follow when participating in our Zoom meetings.

Guidelines for participation

1.  Please be sure to test your audio (both speaker and microphone) before joining the meeting.  Testing your microphone will ensure that you will be heard clearly when you speak.  You can also do the audio test during the meeting to verify it is still working.  See links below.

2.  Please keep your microphone on mute when you are not speaking to the group.  When you first join the meeting your microphone should already be set to mute.  Be sure to mute again when you are done speaking.  If you leave your microphone un-muted and there is background noise at your location, this can adversely impact the quality of the meeting for the other participants.

3.  If you would like to speak, please use the 'Raise Your Hand' feature in Zoom and then wait until the host/moderator has called on you to un-mute and speak.  Be sure to mute again when you are done speaking.  Use the 'More...' link to find the 'Raise Your Hand' icon.  Note that we may not be able to support the ability for you to ask questions.  It depends on whether we have a volunteer technician available to support that function during the meeting.

4.  When you join the meeting please do so without video (to reduce our bandwidth usage).  If you have a profile picture defined that will probably be displayed to other participants (which is fine).

5.  If you have a technical question or comment during the Zoom session you can send a text message to the Zoom Team Host via the chat box.  This will also be used by the Host to pass along additional information during the meeting.

Helpful links to more information about Zoom

Testing Audio Before Zoom Meetings

Troubleshooting Audio Issues

Joining a Zoom meeting (How To)

How To Raise Your Hand in Zoom

Configuring Audio Settings for Zoom Meetings (Advanced)

For more help see step #5 above, or send an email to:  webmaster@eaa237.org

This is the first draft of this help page.  If you have any questions, helpful comments or suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.


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