Chapter Software

To keep our chapter members and visitors informed about our chapter events and activities, we utilize a variety of software applications, tools and platforms.  It used to be that you could run an EAA chapter by publishing a monthly newsletter and mailing it out in the US Mail or email it to a member email list.  That still might work for a very small chapter today but, in the online and social media world we live in today, and for a chapter of our size (140+ members), we would be behind the times, and not serving the needs of our chapter members.

At latest count, we currently make use of at least 16 different software application products.  One would think that this many would not be necessary.  But when you look at the purpose and functionality of these products, we find that each one fills a niche that helps us run our chapter more efficiently and smoothly.  The biggest challenge over the last several years has been selecting the right products (the typical need VS functionality VS cost tradeoffs) and integrating these products together in a seamless way (as much as possible) for our members.

Documenting all this has been another challenge but we have been working on that as we move along.  The link below is a document that was recently updated to show the latest software additions.  The first page is a 'system diagram' of the applications and tools.  There is a circled number next to each box which cross-references to text descriptions on the next two pages.  The text briefly describes what the software is and who is responsible for managing it.


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