Chapter 237

Anoka County Airport, Blaine, MN

Sim FAQs

Here are a few questions that we have received, or expect to receive, about our flight simulator program.

Q1:  Can I log time on this simulator to meet the FAA requirement for instrument training?

A:  Sorry, our simulator is not an approved instrument training device.  However, time spent on our simulator will still help you improve your instrument flying and VFR flying skills.  You just won't be able to officially record the time in your pilot's logbook.

Q2:   What are the requirements for using the simulator?

A:  To be authorized to use the simulator you will need to receive a 'Level 1' orientation from one of our trainers.  Our syllabus is structured for this initial orientation to be a one-on-one session to maximize effectiveness.  Depending on the demand, we may set up small group Level 1 training but would need to limit this to a small number of people (3 at most) to remain effective.

Q3:  How and when can I get checked out on the flight simulator?

A:  Send an email to:  indicating your interest in using the simulator.  We will get back to you as soon as we can with scheduling options that are available.

Q4:  Where can I get more information about our flight simulator?

A:  Documentation is available on our chapter website so that you can access it from anywhere you have internet access.  You should start with our Flight Simulator web page (on the left-side menu) and follow the links listed there.

Q5:  Do I need to be a chapter member to use this flight simulator?

A:  Yes, you must be a chapter member and current on your chapter dues.  To meet our insurance requirements you must also be current with your national EAA membership.

Q6:  Will I need to pay to use the flight simulator?

A:  The current position of the chapter board is that chapter members can receive their initial orientations at no cost.  However, once you are 'up to speed' and effectively using the simulator to improve your flying skills it is felt that you should compensate the chapter for value received.  These contributions will be used to help defray the initial investment made and cover ongoing maintenance costs.  Contributions will also help fund future enhancements to the simulator.  It has been suggested by the board that a $20 contribution for a two-hour session would be reasonable.

Q7:  How will payments be made?

A:  A black drop box is being installed on the wall near the flight simulator for your payments.  You can put either cash or a check in one of the envelopes provided and include your name on the envelope.

Q8:  I'm under the age of 18.  Can I operate the Flight Simulator?

A:   If you are a Student member of the chapter you can use the simulator (after your orientation session).  However, you must have a parent or guardian present for your Level 1 orientation and while you are in the chapter building using the simulator.  For further details, please contact our chapter president.


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