Chapter 1612

Central Oklahoma Sport Flyers

Tool Crib

EAA Chapter 1612 has invested in costly technology and precision tools for the exclusive benefit of its members to build and maintain their aircraft.   This document will explain how to get the most of that benefit while protecting the Chapter’s interest in these valuable assets.


• EAA Chapter 1612 tools are intended for the exclusive use of EAA Chapter 1612 members for use on their personal Experimental or Certificated aircraft.

• EAA Chapter 1612 tools are not to be used in any commercial context.  Specifically, they shall not be loaned, shared, or rented to non-members, nor used by members to provide a commercial service to non-members. 

• EAA Chapter 1612 tools (except “High End” tools) shall remain the personal responsibility of the borrowing Chapter 1612 member at all times, including transit from the Tool Storage location to the aircraft location and back.   Except for normal wear and tear or product malfunction, replacement or repair following loss or damage shall be the responsibility of the borrowing member.

• The Tool Committee and Technical Counselors will be available to answer members’ questions or provide assistance in the use of any Chapter 1612 owned tools.

• For tools listed in High End Tools below, the member in need of using such tools will request a chaperone from among the Tool Committee or Technical Counselors.  The chaperone will accompany the tool and oversee its usage, ensuring the member learns the proper use and care of the tool(s).

High End Tools

None at this time

Tool Crib items

- Aircraft Scale set

- HVLP Spray System

- Instrument panel hole punch die (2.25”)

- Brake pad/shoe rivet punch & set tool

- Rivet guns (4 ea)

- Bucking bars

- Rivet Sets for rivet guns (misc.)

- Air drills (3 ea.)

- Air orbital sander (2 ea)

- 1/4” Die grinder

- Counter sinks & Cages

- Air ratchet 3/8”

- Orbital air sander (2 ea)

- Hole flanging tool (ribs/bulkheads) 2.25 inch

- Sheet metal shears (left, right & Straight)

- 37 degree tube flaring tool

- Hand sheet metal edge tool

- Hand rivet / dimple squeezer tool (1.5 & 3.0 inch)

- Dimple Dies/rivet squeeze set (misc. sizes)

- Hand shrinking tool

- Vise Grip “C” clamps

- Oil filter cutting tool

-  Binks spray guns

Personal Tools available Chapter 1612 members

- Tensiometer, aircraft control cable  

- Differential compression tester

- Magneto synchronizer

- Nicropress Crimper

- Shrinker (Bench type)

- Spark plug cleaner & tester

- Sheet metal brake / Slip roller / Shear (40”)

- Foot /stomp shear (36”)

- Cylinder base nut wrench set

- Engine hoist

- Rotary Tube Flaring tool-37 degree 1/8 -1/2 inch

- Piston Ring installation & compressor tools

- Bead Roller

- Rivnut set tool

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