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EAA Chapter 245 follows all provincial rules regarding COVID-19.  Please follow all the mandatory, and common sense rules to protect yourself and others around you.  Our chapter does keep a supply of fresh surgical masks should you forget to bring your mask along.  Be safe.



As we enter 2023, we need to remind everyone that membership renewal time is here.

Please send your dues to Ken Potter, our treasurer, at treasurer@eaa245.org, and we will do the rest.

If you want to join our chapter, please click here for details.


President's Message:


Well, here we are at the end of summer and what I hope was a great flying season for all of you. It was pretty good for me as I got more than my usual number of evening flights as well as a week-long trip to Nova Scotia. I remember the first time my wife Linda and I did that trip in my RV-8 more than 16 years ago. I was terribly nervous as it was the longest cross-country I had ever planned and had never really had a lot to do with ATC terminal and centre before. 

Well, it turned out it was a big nothing burger, as the kids say. File the flight plan with Nav Canada, get in the air, call them up, set the transponder code, and just go from frequency to frequency when they tell you to. Dead simple. And in the RV, it was 3:10 from Carp to Halifax International on one tank of fuel.

This time we flew in our Maule which has essentially half the fuel economy of the RV (big tanks, big engine, big tires, big everything). Yup, a lot more money, but just as much (if not more) fun. Longer flight but bigger windows, more elbow room, and just as simple as the last time.

Why the story? To show that you should just get out there and fly where you want to go. Sure, it can seem intimidating, but with a little bit of planning it really isn’t a big deal. I have been down east four or five times, Oshkosh a couple of times, and even flew my newly purchased Maule home from Lethbridge, AB (that is another Zzzzz story). Two days, bright sun, and a headwind!!! the whole way heading east. Still, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. 


The October meeting will be held on Thursday 20th October at 7:30 PM and will be held at the chapter hangar.

As usual we have the Oshkosh review and the 2022 elections.  Please bring along any AirVenture photographs, on a USB stick, you would like to share with our membership.

If you would like to participate on the executive. Don't be shy in coming forward and put your name out there for one of the following positions.

  • President (currently Mark Richardson)

  • Treasurer (currently Ken Potter)

  • Webmaster (currently Phil Johnson)

  • Operations (currently John Montgomery)

  • Technical Information Officer (currently Phil Johnson)




 Looking for somewhere to fly, or drive, this weekend (30th Sept - 2nd Oct)? Click on image for full resolution image.


EAA Young Eagles

We have two dates for holding the Young Eagles flights.  The first provisional date for flying Young Eagles is Saturday 28th May 2022 with rain date on the 29th May.

The second provisional date is Saturday 10th September 2022 with a rain date for the 11th September 2022

Click here for more details.

Rideau Lakes Fly-In (CRL2)

"Ultralight Friendly" - 16th July 2022; and,

"Pigs and Pies" - 8th October 2022.

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