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EAA Chapter 245 follows all provincial rules regarding COVID-19.  Please follow all the mandatory, and common sense rules to protect yourself and others around you.  Our chapter does keep a supply of fresh surgical masks should you forget to bring your mask along.  Be safe.



As we enter 2022, we need to remind everyone that membership renewal time is here.

Please send your dues to Ken Potter, our treasurer, at treasurer@eaa245.org, and we will do the rest.

If you want to join our chapter, please click here for details.

 September 16th - 18th, 2022


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President's Message:


Happy (almost) spring, everyone. Here we are just a couple of days past the time change and a few days before the official first day of spring. And is it looking like spring ?  Nope. My airplane is still snowed into it's hangar and the grass runways aren't, well, grass. However, like many of you, I am eagerly anticipating the warmer weather and $100 hamburgers/breakfasts. The last couple of years have been tough on all of us with the lockdowns, venue closures, travel limitations, and the plethora of other impacts both great and small. Finally, things may be a bit more normal and we can start to have a regular summer. Um....maybe.

Our chapter is strong even with all of the challenges of the last two years. Membership is high (although Phil says a number of you haven't paid your dues yet this year) and we are planning a number of official events for the warmer weather. This includes at least two Young Eagle events (one in the spring and one in the fall) as well as the chapter flyin breakfast in September. I really hope to see you all at these events. But I am also hopeful that we can have some unofficial events as well. Besides the weekly Gathering of Turkeys...I mean Eagles... at the chapter hangar on Sunday mornings it would be great if we could have a few fly-outs for breakfast/lunch over the course of the summer. For those of us that don't have airplanes of our own, I am sure that other members will be happy to have passengers. I think the way to do this will be through the EAA245 Google group (if you aren't signed up and want to be, talk to Phil - membership@EAA245.org). Anyone will be able to suggest a fly-out somewhere and we can do the high level planning (date, time, location) there. Anyone who has an airplane, is planning on going, and has empty space, can offer empty seats. 

Personally, I am really looking forward to it. I'll even have one or two empty seats...

There is no July General Meeting as many of the members are either at, or traveling the Airventure.

Our Next General Meeting will be, on August 20th, Oshkosh Review.  Please send your Airventure Photographs to one of the executives for inclusion of the review


EAA Young Eagles

We have two dates for holding the Young Eagles flights.  The first provisional date for flying Young Eagles is Saturday 28th May 2022 with rain date on the 29th May.

The second provisional date is Saturday 10th September 2022 with a rain date for the 11th September 2022

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Rideau Lakes Fly-In (CRL2)

"Ultralight Friendly" - 16th July 2022; and,

"Pigs and Pies" - 8th October 2022.

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Aeroventure (CSQ4)

Casey Quebec

2nd to 4th September 2022

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EAA 245 Ottawa (CYRP)

18th September 2022

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