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EAA Chapter 245 follows all provincial rules regarding COVID-19.  Please follow all the mandatory, and common sense rules to protect yourself and others around you.  Our chapter does keep a supply of fresh surgical masks should you forget to bring your mask along.  Be safe.



As we enter 2023, we need to remind everyone that membership renewal time is here.

Please send your dues to Ken Potter, our treasurer, at treasurer@eaa245.org, and we will do the rest.

If you want to join our chapter, please click here for details.


President's Message:


Summer has come and gone and, as they say on Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming. We have had our yearly chapter elections (each year half of the Exec stands for election) and as usual, there were no actual contests. In fact, so few people showed up at the meeting we had to go to an email format election where (I suspect) our Elections Officer Martin Poettcker will just get positive responses for the incumbents to maintain their positions . Quite disappointing, really., but I won't whine about it...right now.

Jason Leuschen gave us a super presentation on flying the C-17 in the RCAF, one of the most interesting presentations we have had in a while. Mind boggling performance numbers and (sometimes terrifying) mission descriptions. One thing that stood for me didn't really have anything to do with the C-17 in particular; it was the fact Jason joined the RCAF in his 30's and became a military pilot. ARGH! Why didn't they have that policy 30 years ago when I could have taken advantage of it? When I applied as a teenager they were taking about 10% of the applicants and only graduating 10-20% of those. Of course, those Sopwith Camels were difficult to fly at the best of times, but still...

I suspect that by the time Phil finally berates me enough that I update this message it will be getting near Christmas which means I will have put my Maule to bed for the winter. I don't have skis for it and since I fly off a private grass strip, there is no way for me to fly in the dead of winter.. Of course, I've become a wimp in my old age and don't like flying in the extreme cold so this provides a convenient excuse. That said, come spring  I will be chomping at the bit to get airborne again. I guess I'll just have to finish my Bearhawk this winter.

Cheers all


We did not have a quorum for the Saturday elections so the elections will be conducted by email.

Positions Open:EAA

  • Vice President (incumbent Mark Briggs)
  • Secretary (incumbent Mark Cianfaglione)
  • Membership (incumbent Phillip Johnson)
  • Newsletter (incumbent Peter Whittaker)
  • Young Eagles (incumbent Andrew Henry)

If you are interested in any of these positions, or want to nominate someone, please send that information to the info@eaa245.org or just click the hyperlink. 

November 18th 2023 General meeting will be:

3D Aircraft modelling presented by our own Chris Hepburn.


  • Why would anyone waste their time thinking about Aerodynamics? Good question,  and why has it fascinated me for 50 years?
  • And a better question....Why would someone want to write a program to model and visualize it ?

  • Come see what I have been up to since I retired.... some of you may have seen a previous article in Carb Heat.
  • Have you ever wondered what the airflow looks like over your airplane?   How about a Spitfire?  or a Biplane?    Or a bird?

Note: All chapter presentations will now be conducted on the third Saturday of the month at 10:00AM ,excluding December and July, and will be held at the EAA chapter lounge.


If you didn't attend the October 2023 presentation, by Jason Leuschen, you really missed something great.  This was one of the best presentations this year and was held in our nicely cleaned clubhouse lounge.



VMC Club Meeting

The November VMC Club meeting will be held at the EAA Chapter 245 hangar and will follow our elections and presentation.

This Month's Question:

Pilots are often taught to not lean the mixture of a normally aspirated engine below 3,000 feet. When departing an airport when the density altitude is 5,000 feet, should we wait until reaching 3,000 AGL before leaning the engine?


EAA Young Eagles

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