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EAA Chapter 245 follows all provincial rules regarding COVID-19.  Please follow all the mandatory, and common sense rules to protect yourself and others around you.  Our chapter does keep a supply of fresh surgical masks should you forget to bring your mask along.  Be safe.



As we enter 2023, we need to remind everyone that membership renewal time is here.

Please send your dues to Ken Potter, our treasurer, at treasurer@eaa245.org, and we will do the rest.

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President's Message:


Well, spring has sprung and I can definitely see where the birdies is. In fact, they are consuming alarming quantities of black oil seed; I may have to rethink this retirement thing just to pay for it...

As I write this, we had our first Young Eagles event of the year a couple of weeks ago and, as usual, Andrew Henry (our YE coordinator) pulled off a super successful event. I don't think I have seen the final tally yet but I believe we were in the neighbourhood of 48-50 kids flown. We had a great response for volunteers (both ground and pilots) and everything appeared (at least to me) to run super smoothly. I really like the fact we are getting young people involved as volunteers as well. As a chapter we are super happy to sign off the volunteer hours required by their schools, plus it gets them enmeshed in the aviation world in some small way. Between the young volunteers and the kids we take up for flights we may be planting the seed of the next Chris Hadfield.

Just this past weekend I flew out to Cobden for their flyin BBQ lunch. I thought it was a great day for flying (calm, no rain, overcast so it was smooth) but by the time I left around 1130 only about 10 or so airplanes had flown in. The previous weekend I had flown into the Smith Falls flyin breakfast and there must have been 30 or 40 airplanes. I'm not sure why the low turn out in Cobden, although being a grass runway may have something to do with it. I LOVE flying off of grass.

This coming weekend is the Arnprior Flyin Breakfast. I am hopeful there will be a big turnout for it. I will fly in again, but it won't be a terribly satisfying flight; I think my home grass strip is four minutes south of the airport at cruise speed (which is not very high in a Maule to begin with) Regardless, hopefully I saw some of you there.

And finally, thoughts are turning to Oshkosh. I think the Canadian Camping area filled up so I am expecting to see a bunch of you there. My wife and I will be camping with our airplane but we will be making stops at "Little Canada" throughout the week

Cheers all


Check out details for Chapter 245's Fly-In Breakfast on Sunday September 17th 2023.


Thanks to everyone who attended the traditional August Oshkosh Review and BBQ on the 19th.  A good time was had by all who attended.



VMC Club Meeting

The September VMC Club meeting will be held at the EAA Chapter 245 hangar and will follow our fly-in breakfast

For September:

This Month's Question:

An aircraft is maneuvering at an uncontrolled airport to pick up a banner alongside the runway in use. The intent is to pick up the banner, and then depart the airport area. For the purposes of right-of-way, would this airplane be considered “on approach to land?”

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Please congratulate Mark Briggs on becoming our second Technical Counselor.  Checkout Our Technical Counselor page.



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