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Welcome to Chapter 245


EAA Chapter 245 follows all provincial rules regarding COVID-19.  Please follow all the mandatory, and common sense rules to protect yourself and others around you.  Our chapter does keep a supply of fresh surgical masks should you forget to bring your mask along.  Be safe.



As we enter 2023, we need to remind everyone that membership renewal time is here.

Please send your dues to Ken Potter, our treasurer, at treasurer@eaa245.org, and we will do the rest.

If you want to join our chapter, please click here for details.


President's Message:


Well, here it is a few weeks after Christmas and I can finally eat cheese again. Why is it that every gathering you go to at Christmas there is a PILE of cheese being served?  Don't get me wrong, I love cheese, the stinkier the better...but within reason.


Anyway, I personally haven't committed aviation in a couple of months as my Maule is trapped in my hangar by snow drifts that I haven't cleared because I'm too lazy to clear my grass runway. However, I see Facebook posts from some of our chapter members that they are enjoying the performance gains and clear air you get this time of year when flying. I am quite jealous, actually.


We have a couple of cool chapter meetings coming up; first is this month (via Zoom) with the NRC presenting on their electric hybrid Cessna 337.  For a nerd like me this sounds super interesting.


Next month we will all meet at VP Mark Briggs fancy new heated hangar at the Arnprior airport to both ogle his shiny epoxy floor and listen to his tales of aircraft inspections gone awry.


For you EAA 245 members, you should have received an email asking for your vote on changing our standard meeting day and time. Our chapter has been having its general meetings on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 1930 hrs since Christ was a carpenter. I think (and the rest of the exec agrees with me) that maybe the 3rd Saturday of each month at 10:00 is more reasonable. It means that we will always be driving to the meetings in daylight and, depending on where the meeting is being held, you might be able to fly in.


Please actually answer the vote email letting me know your thoughts. If you are against it, let me know why; it is possible (likely?) that we have not thought of something. However, many, many EAA chapters have their meetings on Saturdays so we wouldn't be unique in that respect.


Cheers all



May General Meeting 

NRC High Speed Wind Tunnel Followed by a BBQ.13th May 2023


Meeting will be held at the chapter hangar at 10:00 AM




VMC Club Meeting

The May VMC Club meeting will be held at the EAA Chapter 245 hangar and will follow our monthly chapter general meeting.

For May the question we will discuss is:

Question: What are the requirements for pilots' use of supplemental oxygen?

Club News

Please congratulate Mark Briggs on becoming our second Technical Counselor.  Checkout Our Technical Counselor page.




EAA Young Eagles



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