EAA Chapter 75

Quad Cities IA/IL

Chapters Officers

EAA Chapter 75 Officers
(Effective January 2021)
President: Jim Skadal
email: yamahaman7187@aol.com
Cell Phone: 563-320-6896
John Riedel
email: johnriedel57@gmail.com
Cell Phone: 563-209-6005
Vice President: Ron Franck
email: ronaldfranck1@gmail.com
Cell Phone: 309-937-2751 
Adam Santic
email: adam.santic@gmail.com
Cell Phone: 
Treasurer: Ron Ehrecke
email: ehrecke@sbcglobal.com
Cell Phone: 309-236-9785
Marty Santic
email: marty.santic@gmail.com
Cell Phone: 563-340-9919
Secretary: Matt Ulmer
email: ulmermatt@gmail.com
Cell Phone: 712-303-7972
Nick Anagnos
email: nickfly2@yahoo.com
Cell Phone: 563-650-5592 
Carl Brown
email: browncarle@gmail.com
Cell Phone: 309-235-5652
Air Academy Advisor: Jim Skadal
email: yamahaman7187@aol.com
Cell Phone: 563-320-6869
Scholarship Coordinator: Nick Anagnos
email: nickflys2@yahoo.com
Cell Phone: 563-650-5592
IMC Club Coordinator: Paul Fischer
email: rv7a.n18pf@gmail.com
Cell Phone: 309-230-8179
Fly-Out Coordinator: (Position Vacant)
Need A Volunteer - Contact Jim Skadal
Contact yamahaman7187@aol.com to apply
Young Eagles Coordinator: Bob Thomas
email: rbettendorf@aol.com
Cell Phone: 563-650-5592 
Program Coordinator: Tristan Miller
Cell Phone: 815-202-6639
Website Editor: Adam Santic
email: adam.santic@gmail.com
Cell Phone: 563-940-1765 
Tool Librarian: John Bruesch
email: bruesch@mchsi.com
Cell Phone: 708-341-7082
Newsletter Editor-in-Chief: Adam Santic
email: adam.santic@gmail.com
Cell Phone: 563-940-1765
Emergency Aircraft Repair Chairman: Bernie Nitz
email: bernien@visoncrest.com
Cell Phone: 563-508-8200
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