LVK METAR  -  Conditions at the Livermore Airport

US Airsports Net  -  Graphic forecast for Livermore  

Local Conditions  -  National Weather Service Page for San Francisco/Monterey - links for aviation

Bay Winds  -  Local Bay Area wind patterns  

Aviation Weather Center  -  Aviation home page for NOAA

Aviation Digital Data Page  -  Another NOAA page leading to METARs, TAFs, charts, etc.

FAA ASOS/AWOS  - Use a national map to find airport ASOS/AWOS information

FlightPrep   -  Graphic for the US 

National METAR Map - METARs for the entire US!

VAF Weather  -  Compilation of weather sites, graphics and animation from Vans Air Force 

Weathermeister  -  Free section of Dan Checkoway's site - quick view of California METARs and TAFs


Flight Planning

TFRs  -  A mandatory check before every flight!  Maps, locations, information

AirNav  -  Airport information and fuel prices  

FAA Airport Diagrams  - Fast way to get PDFs of airport/taxi diagrams

Flight - Charts, planning, fuel prices, and tracking 

Fly2Lunch  -  Find restaurants near and at airports

Nav - Planning, charts, TFRs, route profiles

SkyVector  -  Free online sectionals and airport diagrams, links to flight planning



AAFO - If you follow Reno racing, check out the AAFO forum

Backcountry  -  Forums and photos for those getting off the pavement

Canard Community  -  Forums for canard-type aircraft

EAA Forums - Continuation of forums from the old Oshkosh 365 site

EZ Squadron  -  Forums and information about EZs

Homebuilt Airplanes - A variety of topics

Matronics List - Forums for homebuilts - 7 day archives are HERE, run by Chapter Member Matt Dralle

Pilots of America - Over 10,000 members and over a 1,000,000 posts

Vans Air Force  -  Forums, want ads, photos and stories geared towards RVs


News, Blogs, Podcasts

Aero-News Network  -  Daily aviation news

AOPA's ASF  -  A safety blog from AOPA

AvWeb  -  Aviation news and many in-depth articles on aircraft operation

AvWeb Podcasts  -  A lot of variety from the staff at AvWeb

EAA Radio - Listen to information from Oshkosh, check out the archives in the vault

EAA Webinars - Sign up for web seminars on a variety of subjects or listen to past archives

FAA Aviation News  -  News and safety information from the FAA, issued every 2 months

General Aviation News (GAN) - Missed your copy at the airport, get the online version here!

 Uncontrolled Airspace  -  Three guys who put together some good podcats


Pilot/Flying Information

AIM   -  Aeronautical Information Manual, from the FAA

Airplane Flying Handbook  -  From the FAA

Aviation Weather  - The FAA's Guide

Pilot's Manual to Leaning and Engine Problems - Great resource from Electronics International

Whitt's Flying  -  Gene Whitt, a Concord CFI, offers a wealth of information/tips for VFR/IFR

True Airspeed Calculator  -  Use your GPS for true airspeeds - click on the GPS Pec Spreadsheet


EAA Links

EAA Home - Home site for the EAA

Airventure Home  - Your guide to Oshkosh

EAA Calendar  -  Events collected on the EAA Website 

EAA Homebuilders - Your starting point for constructing an airplane

EAA Membership  - Information on joining the national organization

EAA Radio - Listen to information from Oshkosh, check out the archives in the vault

EAA Webinars - Sign up for web seminars on a variety of subjects or listen to past archives

EAA Young Eagles - Learn about EAA's program to introduce kids to aviation


Kit Manufacturers

Arion Lighting  -  Two-seat, Jaburu powered composite that can be built as an LSA

Bearhawk  -  A four-seat taildragger offering a lot of utility, plans or kit built

Glasair  -  Sportsman kits

Lancair  -  "Fast Glass"

Rans  -  S-19 LSA and more

Sonex  -  Home to the Sonex, Waiex, and Xenos

Vans Aircraft  -  Over 9,000 have flown!

Velocity  -  4 place canard pushers

Zenith  -  LSA, STOL, and 4 passenger kits


Vendors and Suppliers

Aircraft Spuce  -  Everything you need for your craft

Aircraft Tool Supply  -  Their name says it all

B&C Specialties  -  Starters, alternators, and electrical parts

Chief  -  Parts and avionics

Dynon - Check out the SkyView system

Cleaveland Aircraft Tool - Quality tools to build metal aircraft, particularly RVs

Garmin - The big dog in avionics - linked to their sport aviation page

Grand Rapids Technologies - A highly regarded EFIS and engine monitor company 

SteinAir  -  From wire to complete panels, Stein will deliver your electrical and avionics needs

Wicks  -  Check their specials!


Building Information

AC43.13  -  Acceptable methods of inspection and repair, from the FAA

AeroElectric Connection  -  Bob Nuckolls KNOWS aircraft electrical systems

Cozy Builders  -  Mark Zeitlin's Unofficial Site

EAA 1000 Table  -  Plans for a building a useful construction table for your shop/hanger  -  The most comprehensive set of Links we've seen, geared mostly for RVs

West System User Manual  -  Basic techniques for epoxy use, from West

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