Chapter 63

Winnipeg, MB. - Lyncrest Airport - CJL5

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Chapter 63 Project -  "Piel Emeraude CP-301"

[Pee - L ~ M-Rode]


In 2020,  we discovered that a fellow aviation enthusiast, from a neighboring province, was seeking to find a new home for a project that he had been storing for a number of years.   It didn't take long that a few members became interested and suddenly,  on the sunny morning of September 4th, 2020,  the aircraft project was waiting at our hangar door.   

With coffee in hand, several of our EAA members eagerly met at the hangar to welcome this project to it's new home.  Unloading the aircraft was quickly done and soon EAA chapter 63 President,  Tom Stoyka  formalized the acquisition with a donation to Terry Johnson (pictured below).  

Within a matter days, and true to our mission/vision:

"EAA’s local chapters are about people, bringing together individuals interested in learning more about aviation as well as sharing their own knowledge."


interested enthusiasts started to appear, eager to see the project and eager to discover what the aircraft needed to reach completion.
The following week, Tom Stoyka and Bert Elam, presented to a group of approximately 25 interested enthusiasts details of what we were fortunate to have acquired.  With their years of experience, they also shared their vision for the projects' completion by EAA Chapter 63 members and it's destiny as a Flying club aircraft based out of the Lyncrest Airport.

By the first of Oct. 2020, 6 EAA Chapter 63 members individually committed funds and agreed to collaborate on the project.   Also key to the success of this project, experienced experimental aircraft builders and amateur builders alike, have come forward offering  either to volunteer their assistance, share some parts, and/or their deep knowledge to help bring this project to a successful finish.    The group is confident that they can successfully take the many boxes of parts and create a beautiful aircraft .    


A Note from the Project Lead...

When we adopted the Emeraude project,   it came covered and primed so most of our efforts to date have been on inventory.  We have generated a to do list that is currently 6 pages and growing just to verify and double check the previous work. There are decisions to make still, and we still have room to welcome 1 or 2 more investors to this project.If you love to fly and appreciate the low cost approach offered by homebuilt aircraft, give me a call at 204.232.1969.

James Slade

April 30, 2021





April 15, 2021


February 5, 2021

Presentation:  The Emeraude project
by: James Slade






Our Progress Continues . . .

January 25, 2021

The wing is now on the sawhorses for  sanding and polishing.  We will flip it over to do the bottom, or at least try it so we can see how it works.  Thanks Jeff for showing me how to reassemble the shock struts for the landing gear. My first attempt ran into problems due to the wood block being oversize and running up against the brake caliper bolt on one side and the elbow on the other.  I have cut a new block and will have the struts back together this week!  This time for sure! 

Jeff and Rick have the top of the wing nearly done. I repainted the  blue leading edge today using a brush and full strength paint.  Let’s see how that flows out.  I will have to do the blue on the bottom after we flip it over. 

I purchased a Garmin GTX 330 transponder from a Barnstormers ad in Maryland, down south and Fed ex says it is currently in St. Clement Mb.  We will need to add a tray, backplate and cable and antenna.  Let’s see how it looks when it arrives. Cost was $496 including shipping for $41 US. Once it arrives we can source the other components.

Jeff has a plan for the cowling that will basically use the existing fiberglass shell as a mold. We can build a carbon fibre cowling that will weigh considerably less than what we have. Jeff has experience with fabrication and the costs will be about $500 more or less.  Alternatively we can try to buy a cowling that would fit our engine.  It might be worth it to build this from scratch given that the mold is essentially done for us.

More progress every week!

James Slade





January 19th, 2021


The paint lines look very clean after 3 colour coats. I am going to put a 3rd coat of navy on tomorrow. 






EAA        EAA


This is the panel covering under the cabin at the wing which I discovered the other day. The acrylic latex painting process is going really well.  We have a three colour paint scheme. 



December 21, 2020





November 7th, 2020

A very productive day at the hangar with Ben and Lynne. We now have primer on all the tail feathers, and flaps. Ben and Lynne also primed one side of each aileron and the horizontal stabilizer, and the top of the fuselage.  We just have the bellypan and the wings to go.

We have 2 coats of paint on the elevator.  I tried and failed to remove the counterbalance, but I'll go back now that I know what I need for tools.  My plan for the elevator is to bring it home so I can work on it every day. I would like to see one part to completion so that we can see what to expect for the rest of the plane.  I think it looks great with the second coat of paint, and I can't wait to see how it looks after final sanding and polishing. I think that will give us a good indication for the rest of the plane.  If  this works, we won't need to build a spray booth and we will save tons of time.




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