EAA Chapter 54

Lake Elmo, MN (St. Paul, MN)


These publication and media are available in the Chapter House


100 Planes 100 Years
Frderick Winkowski
90 Minutes at Entebbe
A History of Passenger Aircraft
A History of the Luftwaffe John Killn
A Pilot's Meteorology
Aerobatics Today O'Dell
Aiirframe Michael Crichton
Air Adventures Graeme Cook
Air Mail: An illstrated history 1793-1981 Holmes
Air Navigation
Air War Against Hitler's Germany Sears
Airborne: Th History of American Parachute Forcs
Airbrushing and Spray Painting Manual
Aircaft of World War II
Aircraft Paul Hamlyn
Aircraft Carriers Antony Preston
Aircraft Carriers Antony Preston
Aircraft Instrumnts
Aircraft of the Nationall Air and Space Museum Smithsonian
Aircraft of the Nationall Air and Space Museum Munson
Aircraft of World War II
Aircraft Partnership Szurovy
Aircraft Welding
Airliners between 1919-1939 Munson
Airliners Since 1946 Munson
Airpanes from 1919 to the Present Day Munson
Airplanes Enzo Angelucci
Airplanes of the World
Airship Wreck Deighton
AirWar: Terror from the Sky Jablonski
All About Flying
Alone Against the Atlantic Spiess
America An Aeriial View James Doane
American Aces
American Combat Planes Ray Wagner
American Heritage History of Flight
American Warplanes
America's North Coast Gateway Bremer
America's Soaring Book Flying Magazine
Anne Morrow Lindbergh: First Lady of the Air Katherine C. Winters
Antique Plane Guide
Archiitects of Air Power Time Life
Atlantic Wings
A-Train: Memoir of a Tuskegee Airman Dryden
Aviation Yearbook 1977
Aviation Yearbook 1978
Aviation: An illustrated history Chant
B-17 Flying Fortress Freeman
B29 Carl Berger
Back to Basics Flying Magazine
Balloons and Airships Munson
Battle of Britain Len Deighton
Black Aviator Powe
Blue Angels 50 Years of Precision Flight Veronico and Fritze
Blue Angels: A Portrait of Gold Brian Shul
Boeing: Planemaker to the World
Bombers in Service Munson
Bombers: 1914-19 Munson
Bombers: 1919-39 Munson
Bombers: 1939-45 Munson
Brotherhood of War Griffin
Build and Fly Your Own Plane
Building Aeroplanes Wheeler
Bush Pilots Sourdough SkyMille and Phillips
C.A.A. Technical Manual: Powerplant Handbook
Canadian Pilot's Fitness Manual Sten
Chains of Command Dale Brown
Check My Six John Schleter
Chronicle of Aviation
Civil Airliners Since 1946 Munson
Clash of Wings Walter J. Boyne
Classic Airplanes Rabinowitz
Combat Aircraft
Combat Aircraft of the World John W.R. Taylor
Combat Aircraft of World War II
Combat Aircraft of World War II Weal
Commercial Aircraft
Commerciial Aircraft Markings and Profiles Christy Campbell
Complete Guide to Rutan Homebuilt Aircraft Downie
Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of the World's Aircraft David Mondey
Confederate Air Force Peter March
Congested Airspace
Conquerors of the Air C. Demand
Day of the Cheetah Dale Brown
Dependable Engines: The Story of Pratt and Whitney Mark P. Sullivan
Design for Safety
Doolitte: A biography Lowell Thomas
Duel for the Sky Mason
Eagle Station Mark Brent
Encyclopdia of The World's Commercial and Private Aircraft
Encyclopedia of Aicraft
Encyclopedia of Aircraft Michael J.H. Taylor
Encyclopedia of World Air Powr
Encylopedia of The World's Commercial and Private Aircraft
Every Pilot's Guide to Aviation Electronics
F-117 Nighthawk Crickmore
Famous Aircraft of All Time
Famous Bombers of the Second World War
Fighter Bryan Cooper
Fighter Bryan Cooper
Fighter Aircraft of the 1914-1918 War
Fighters and Bombers of World War II Munson
Fighters in Service Munson
Fighters: 1914-19 Munson
Fighters: 1939-45 Munson
Fighting Jets Time Life
Flight Briiefing for Pilots
Flight Talk
Flyboys James Bradley
Flying Beats Work
Flying Boats and Seaplanes Munson
Flying Know-How Buck
Flying to Alaska
Flying VFR in Marginal Weather
Flying… Off the pavement Link Grindle
Fokker: The Man and the Aircraft Henri Hegener
For th Love of Lif and Country Hunter
Fragile Wings and Gentle Giants Harold Salut
Free as a Bird Phillip Wills
Free as a Running Fox T.D. Calnan
Fundamentals of Aircraft Flight and Engine Instruments Hayden
Gentlemen of Adventure Ernest K. Gann
German Aircraft of WW II Christopher Shepherd
German Military Aircraft Bryan Phiilpott
German Warbirds Muunson
German Warplanes of World War II
Ghosts Makanna Yeager
Great Aircraft Collections of the World
Great Flying Stories Frederick Forsyth
Guide to the Flight Review Jackie Spanitz
Hawk Safari: The Search for a Rare Bird Rosanik
Hawk Safari: The Search for a Rare Bird
Helicopters Since 1907 Munson
High Flight David Hagberg
History of Aviation
Home Field Advantage: A century of partnership betweek Wright Patterson Airforce Base and Dayton, Ohio in th Pursuit of Aeronautical Excellence
How to Install and Finish Synthetic Aircraft Fabrics Christy
How We Inventd the Airplane Orville Wright
Hurricane Hunters William C. Anderson
I'd Rather be Flying Frank Kingston Smith
If You Read Me… Rock the Tower Stevens
Instrument Flying Taylor
Instrument Procedures Handbook
Into the Wind: The story of Max Conrad Sally Buegeleisen
Introduction to Flight Anderson
It Doesn't Take a Hero: Gn. H. Norman Schwarzkopf
Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation vol. 1 to 5
Jane's Fighting Aircraft of World War I
Jane's Fighting Aircraft of World War II
Jet Flies
Knights of the Air Time Life
Last Shot Gregg Hurwitz
Legazy of Wings Smithh
Letters Home 1944-1945 Bernice Bee Falk Haydu
Lindbergh A. Scott Berg
Lockheed Bill Yenne
Long Distance Flying Peter Garrison
Loud and Clear Robert J. Serling
Lucky No. 13
Macdonald Aircraft Pocketbook
Make Better Landings
Mastering GPS Flying Dixon Harri
McDonald World Air Power Guide
Meteorology Danielson
Milestones of Manned Flight
Military Aircrafft
Military Aircraft of the World
Military Aircraft of the World
Minnesota Aviation Hitory 1857--1945 Noel E. Allard
Modern Commercial Aircraft
Modern Fighting Aircraft vol. 7 8 11
Modern Military Aircraft
Modern Warplanes
My Wings are Showing Wenger
NASA: The Complete Illustrated History Michael Gorn
New Practical Physics Black and Davis
New Zealand Warbirds John King
North to the Orient Lindbergh
Observer's Aircraft
Ocean Flying Louise Sacchi
Official AAF Guide Book
Pan Am R.E.G. Davies
Pictorial History of American Aircraft Bill Yenne
Pioneer Aircraft 1903-1914 Munson
Practical Air Navigation Thoburn Lyon
Private Aircraft Since 1946 Munson
Private Pilot FAA Practical Test Study Guide Jepesen
Private Pilot's Survival Manual Smith
Reach for the Sky Paul Brickhill
Red Flag
Remarkable Flying Machines Palmer
Revolution in the Sky Richard Sanders Allen
Rickenbacker: An Autobiography
Rockwell: The Heritage of North American Bill Yenne
Safety After Solo Hoyt
Secret Flight Green
Sink the Bismarck C.S. Forester
Skunk Works Ben R. Rich
So You'd Like to Buy and Airplane Griffin
Song of the Sky
SPA 124 Lafayette Escadrille
Space Warfare David Pa
Spitfire: Icon of a Nation
Stealth M.E. Morris
The Aeronauts Time Life
The Air Force Book of the F/A Hornet Tim Senior
The Aircraft of the World
The Aircraft Owners Handbook Foster
The American Fighter Angelucci Bowers
The American Heritage History of Flight
The Anatomy of Aircraft
The Anatomy of an Airline Brad Williams
The Aviation Book
The Bombers Robin Crosss
The Book of Real Airplanes
The Book of Warplanes Munson
The Cannibal Queen Stephen Coonts
The Carrier War Time Life
The Complete Encyclopedia of World Aircraft
The Concise History of Aviation
The Day I Owned the Sky Robert Lee Scott Jr.
The Defenders
The Encyclopedia of Aviation and Space Sciences vol 1-14
The Encyclopedia of British Military Aircraft Chaz Bowyer
The Escort Carriers in Action
The Gatefold Book oof World War II Warplanes
The Giant Airships
The Giant Airships Time Life
The Great Book of Combat Aircraft
The Great Book of Fighters William Green
The Great Planes
The Helicopters Time Life
The History of Aviation Christopher Chant
The Human Factor in Aircraft Accidents David Beaty
The illustrated encyclopedia of Commercial Aircraft
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Helicopters Giorgio Apostolo
The illustrated History of Fighters
The illustrated History of Fighters
The International Encyclopedia of Aviation
The Left Seat Robert J. Serling
The Lore of Flight
The Luftwaffe Time Life
The Luftwaffe War Diaries Cajus Bekker
The Mormon Conspiracy Dale Seitzer
The Observer's Book of Aircraft: 1960 Edition
The Pacific Campaign Dan vander Vat
The Pathfinders Time Life
The Pilot Maker Lloyd Kelly
The Pilot's Guide to Affordable Classics
The Rand McNally Encyclopedia of Military Aircraft Angelucci
The Road to Kitty Hawk Time Life
The Saga of Tin Goose David A. Weiss
The Search for Air Safety Barlay
The Sky Their Frontier Robert Jackson
The Sky's the Limit Whithouse
The Smithsonian Book of Flight Walter J. Boyne
The Sound of Wings Mary S. Lovell
The SST: Here it comes ready or not Don Dwiggins
The Story of Aviation Ray Bonds
The Story of Aviation Ray Bonds
The Threadbare Buzzard Tomlinson
The War in the Air: The Royal Air Force in World War II Lyall
The Wild Blue Boyne Thompson
The World of Model Planes Martin Hedges
The World's Greatest Aircraft Christopher Chant
The World's Worst Aircraft Bill Yenne
The Wright Brothers David McCullough
Thirty Seconds Over New York
This is Your Captain Speaking
This New Ocean William E. Burrows
This Was Air Travel Palmer
Tin Man Dale Brown
Tips to Fly By Dick Collins
Top Cover for America: The Air Force in Alaska Paolo Matricardi
Top Gun Hall
Top Gun Fighters and America's Jet Power
U.S. Bombers Jones
U.S. Commercial Aircraft Munson
Used Plane Buying Guide
Vengeance Leland Shane
Voyager: Yeager and Rutan
Warplanes of the 21st Century Bill Yenne
We Came in Peace
Weather Flying Buck
Weather Flying Robert N. Buck
Weekend Wings Frank Kingston Smith
Wild About Flying Marshall and Harris
Winged Escort Douglas Reeman
Winged Victory Geoffrey Perret
Winged Wonders E.T. Wooldridge
Wings of Adventure Titler
World Aircraft: Bombers Munson
World Aircraft: Fighters Munson
World Aircraft: Fighters Munson
World Encyclopedia of Civil Aircraft Angelucci
World Flight
World Military Air Power
World's Military Aircraft
Yeager: An Autobiography Chuck Yeager

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