EAA Chapter 54

Lake Elmo, MN (St. Paul, MN)

Board of Directors meeting minutes

June Board Meeting
Monday, June 5, 2023, 7:00 PM

1. Call meeting to order at: 7:01 pm CDT              

2. Members attending: Leif Erickson, Tom Gibbons, Ed Trudeau, Bob Collins, Jim Pearsall, Vicky Moore, Bruce Olson, Bill SChanks Jr, Jay Schrankler

3. Officer’s Reports

a. Vice President – Robyn Stoller: Absent, no report

i. June Member Gathering: Leif: Annual Summer Picnic

b. Treasurer’s Report – Tom Gibbons: approved, no discussion


c. Secretary – Ed Trudeau

i. May 2023 minutes: Approved no discussion


4. Coordinators/Directors Reports

a. Housing – Bob Collins

i. Unavailable for 3 months? Will be away due to assisting sister in medical issue

b. Membership - Jim Pearsall

i. Current Members = 76, Expired Members = 18, New Members = 10 as of  6/1/2023

c. Young Eagles – Vicky Moore

i. Young Eagles – Saturday, June 10:  40 Signed/ 16 Waitlisted/ 5 pilots

  • We need more pilots!Leif will include in newsletter, etc

d. Education – Gregg Adler

i. Successful Farnsworth Hangar Tour Thursday, May 18: successful, 2 groups of 2nd graders.  Lunch split is planning issue, will discuss w/ school

ii. September Young Eagles Workshops? No action yet

e. Events – Bill Schanks Jr

i. June picnic: June 12 @ 6:00. BYOB, all arranged

ii. Silent Auction – Mitch Zahler: set-up ~4:00

f. Ray Scholarship – Bruce Olson

i. Matthew Lynes Solo on Saturday, May 13.

Ii. EAA sent us the money for Matt.

Iii. Next year Ray Scholarship applicant search continues

g. Flying Start – New Coordinator Jay Schrankler: MAC rejected our request for Transponder check event.  Will attempt to reschedule for August at New Richmond Airport

h. LEAAC – Craig Mueller: absent: Leif presented.  MAC/County road changes


Iii.  Discussed possible access road to North Hangars, told not included in this project, possible future change


5. Old Business

a. Corn Feed – Jim and Bill: County Food Permit.

i. New Tent Poles: Payment needed, Tom will pay w/ Card

ii. Making new banner, Jim will hang

iii.Member sign-up will be ready for June Meeting

iv.Corn from Costa Farms, set-up

b. MN Aviation ACE Camp Scholarship: Robyn absent: Leif presented

i. Noah Dahl accepted.

c. Fundraiser proposal – Jay Schrankler

i. Stage Transponder event at KRNH, August

d. September Member Gathering at KRNH: details later meeting

6. New Business: Old Chapter web-site no longer functions.

7. Other

8. Next meeting Monday, July 3, 2023 ( may be changed due to holiday )

9. Motion to adjourn: 8:01 pm CDT

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