EAA Chapter 538

Phoenix, Arizona - The Leroy Castle Chapter

Chapter 538 Young Eagle Pilot Briefing for KGEU


Thanks for coming out. These kids will remember this for the rest of their lives. The future of general aviation rests in the hands of our youth.




Traffic Pattern operations (see handout):

RWY 19

Traffic Pattern Altitudes:

Light Aircraft 1701’MSL + 300’ Outbound
Rotorcraft 1701’MSL + 300’ Outbound
Fixed Wing 2101’MSL + 300’ Outbound

Taxi Pattern operations:

Follow GND instructions to RWY in use. Taxi to RWY 1, expect to remain on the Ramp past the hangars, then Enter TWY A @ A3 and taxi south on A to A1 Run Up Area. When landing on RWY 1, Land Long on RWY 1, turn off Left at A4. Expect Taxi north on A, left turn (west) at north end of Transient Parking (between A6 & A7) and proceed to the Terminal.

If landing RWY 19, Land Long on RWY 19 and turn off Right at A7. Expect Taxi South on A, right turn (west) at south end of Transient Parking (near A4) and proceed to the Terminal.
Maintain a One-Way Flow of traffic around the entire Transient Parking Area in front of the Terminal. Park on the Yellow Taxi Line in front of the Terminal, at a 45 degree angle, facing the Terminal (to avoid prop blasting the attendees and the restaurant patrons)

Radio calls:

Precede all Calls with “Young Eagle”
“Glendale Ground, Young Eagle Cessna 46352, at the Terminal, with Alpha, Taxi for South Departure”
“Glendale Tower, Young Eagle Cessna 46352, at the I-10 Stack, Inbound with Bravo, for Landing”

Flight Routes:


Depart to the north towards Sun City, following Loop 101. Be aware of the Luke AFB Alert Area. If it is active, DO NOT enter this area unless you have contacted Luke Approach on 118.15. Faster aircraft may choose to head up to Lake Pleasant. Monitor 122.75 (NW Practice Area). Use caution, extensive flight training activity.


Depart south along Loop 101 at TPA + 300’. A popular YE route goes to PIR (Phoenix Int’l Raceway). LH Traffic only around the Racetrack @ 2000’+ MSL. Be aware of GYR Class D airspace. Monitor 120.1 (GYR TWR)

Reporting Points:

  • North - Arrowhead Mall (VPARM), Sun City (center of the circular street pattern). Expect possible LH Traffic for RWY 1.
  • Northwest - Glendale Power Plant (VPGPP). Expect 45 degree Entry to RH Downwind for  RWY 1.
  • South - Tolleson (town center), I-10 Stack (intersection of I-10 & Loop 101). Expect Long RH Base for RWY 1.
  • Southwest - Phoenix International Raceway (VPPIR)

Requirements for Young Eagle Pilots:

  • Current EAA member
  • Hold an appropriate Airman Certificate (Sport Pilot or greater)
  • Current Medical Certificate (if applicable)
  • Current to carry passengers in the aircraft they plan to use – current Flight Review
  • Aircraft Passenger Liability Insurance
  • The aircraft used for the flight must be in airworthy condition
  • Flights must adhere to all applicable Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs)
  • The Young Eagles Registration Form must be completed before the flight, with parent/guardian signature & pilot signature


Prior to the flight, you must receive a signed registration form the parent or legal guardian of the participant and you should complete the pilot portion of the registration, including the self-certification section. No hot loading, aerobatic maneuvers, unusual attitudes, or formation flights are permitted in the YE Program.


  • Fuel
  • Bathroom
  • Food
  • Photos
  • Special Requests (older kids, seat height, loading assistance/flight attendant, etc.)


  1. Sign: YE Certificate
  2. Sign: YE Registration Form
  3. Proceed to plane with Young Eagle(s)
  4. Do a walk round explaining parts of the plane
  5. Take Pictures
  6. Go Fly
  7. After landing take pictures if not done prior
  8. Escort your Young Eagle back to the terminal and sign their logbook
  9. Congratulate your Young Eagle!

Alternate Airfield:

Call me if you land anywhere other than Glendale. If you need to land in the desert, radio location and status to others


Let’s have fun! Please Fly Safe and Professional. We can fly 70+ great events today and the only one that makes the media is the one incident or issue. (Make safe conservative decisions).

After this brief, everyone please go to the scheduling table to check your paperwork and pre-sign your Young Eagle Certificates.

Young Eagle Flight Coordinator (Air Boss) ________________________________Phone

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