EAA Chapter 512

Placerville California (KPVF)

Adopt-A-Highway Program

Chapter 512 has volunteered litter clean-up along a 2-mile stretch of Highway 50 between Cambridge Road (Exit 34) and Cameron Park Drive (Exit 35). Chapter members must sign-up on a Participation List and attend a training/safety brief to work on a clean-up crew. Ten to twelve volunteers must sign up for the date and time prior for each month. Plan to carpool or meet at McDonalds at 8:30 AM on the date for which you signed up. Park at the McDonald's Restaurant at Cameron Park Drive and Coach Lane (near Safeway) to attend the 9 AM brief. We plan to work the 3rd Saturday each month. Members are asked to commit to a minimum of 2 Saturdays during the year for between 2 and 3 hours.

WB Crew - Crew walk from McDonald near Cameron Park Dr. to Hwy 50 and proceed westbound on the south-side shoulder facing traffic.  Litter pick-up includes the off ramp and on ramp of Exit 35 on the south side. Walk to Exit 34. We will drop a car at Exit 34 to shuttle the crew back to Exit 35 at completion.

Start at Cameron Park Dr. southside Exit 35 end at Exit 34 Cambridge Rd. A shuttle vehicle will take you back to your car.

HWY 50 EX 35


EB Crew - Shuttle crew to Cambridge Rd and work eastbound on the north-side shoulder. We will shuttle the EB crew to start at Exit 34. Litter pick-up includes the off ramp and on ramp of Exit 34 on the north side. Walk along the shoulder east bound facing traffic to Exit 35 and your car at McDonalds.

Start at Cambridge Rd. Park and Ride on northside Hwy 50 Exit 34 and end at Exit 35 and walk back to McDonalds. 

HWY 50 EX 34

All personnel are required to ware long pants, hiking boots, no sneakers or tennis shoes, gloves and a yellow or orange vest. Remain 6 feet from traffic lane. Do not cross any lane of traffic and do not work in the median. A sign-up form will be posted with a link on this page for each work date. The plan is to work one Saturday morning starting at 9 AM and finish by noon each month. Volunteers work a minimum of 2 times to a maximum of 12 times during the year. Tentative start date is September 17. Earlier start time based on consensus of group. Each crew consists of 5 to 6 people. EB crew start at Cambridge Rd park and ride to (walk Exit 34 to 35). WB crew start at Cameron Park Drive (Exit 35 to 34). 

Sign-up Period # of volunteers   volunteers needed EB & WB  percent of goal
Aug 11    22  25 88% 
Nov 10    25  25   100%
Training/video required 
Month Date Start-time  End-time

Sep 17  9:00  schedule2022     
Nov 19 8:30  brief    
Dec  17 8:30  brief    
Jan 21
Feb 18
 Mar 18         

NOTE: No work party during inclement weather (rain, fog, snow or ice). Make-up day will be announced. . 

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