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Air Academy Sponsorship

Chapter 35 is looking for an 16-18 year old candidate for the EAA Air Academy 2023.

For the summer of 2023, Chapter 35 again wants to sponsor a candidate to attend the EAA Air Academy's Advanced Camp, and we have managed to reserve one spot. The Air Academy is a week long summer camp that is organized by the EAA headquarters and takes place in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. EAA Chapter 35 has a spot reserved for the Session 1, from July 18-26, 2023. If we can find a deserving candidate then the Chapter will sponsor him or her to the Air Academy and we will pay for tuition and travel costs. The tuition includes lodging and board in the Air Academy Lodge which is a part of the EAA Campus at the Oshkosh, Wisconsin, airport. Campers will spend a week immersed in all kind of aviation activities including: ground school covering, amongst others, flight science 101, aircraft systems, preflight, flight controls, weather, navigation and flight training requirements, practical exposure to aircraft construction techniques such as welding, sheet metal work, composite fabrication and aeromodeling and woodworking, aviation and airplanes; visit the EAA Airventure museum, fly the EAA simulators, experience flight in and airplane or helicopter, and visit the EAA Airventure with seats close to the flight-line. The last two days of this session of the Advanced Air Academy coincide with EAA's AirVenture 2023, so more than enough airplanes to see both on the ground and in the air.

The Chapter is looking for a 16 - 18 year old candidate that is highly interested in aviation and airplane construction. If you want to be considered for this unique opportunity then please apply.

Requirements for the application are:

  • Be age 16, 17, or 18 years old by the summer of 2023.
  • Write an application letter to the EAA Chapter 35 Board of Directors explaining why you are our ideal candidate, what interests you in aviation, and what what aviation experiences you may have.
  • Have a Chapter 35 member sponsor you and write a Letter of Recommendation to the Chapter Board of Directors.
  • Include in your application letter, your contact information like: phone, email and street address, and also, the contact information for your parents.
  • Submit your application before January 22, 2023, to the Chapter 35 Air Academy Chairperson.

The Chapter Board of Directors may ask you to come in person to talk about your application.

Applicants, and their parents, are welcome to contact the Air Academy Chairperson with any questions.

If the board decides that a deserving candidate is found, then there will be more paperwork to fill out, including an official EAA Air Academy application, medical papers etc.

Chapter 35 Air Academy Chairperson: , airacademy@eaa35.org.

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