EAA Chapter 26

Seattle, WA - Boeing Field (KBFI)

Event Calendar

Regular Meeting info:

Unfortunately, we're still "Virtual Only" with government facility restrictions.  Get on the newsletter distribution for more info.

     We are in person for the 2021 Christmas Party, with Chapter 441, scroll down for more info.

When do we meet?

      2nd Thursday of the Month (Except July & December), at 7:30 pm.

 Where do we meet?

King county airport terminal

The address is:7259 King County Airport Access Rd, Seattle, WA 98108

Google Maps can help you to that location.

The most current info will be sent by e-mail distribution to chapter members. Not on the e-mail list? Tag up with the newsletter editor, and be sure you're paid up on dues with the Treasurer. This webpage will be updated "once in a while" to add newsletters, and other info that is available in time to be useful.

Exceptions to the usual 2nd Thursday are normally July (no meeting, Arlington Fly-In, Oshkosh) and December (Xmas party different location and date/time).


2021 Meeting Schedule:

14 January,  11 February, 11 March, 8 April,   13 May,   10 June, July = Fly-Ins, 12 August,   9 September,   14 October,   11 November

December - see Holiday Party notice in November Newsletter.


Christmas Party

When:  Saturday, 11 December, 2:00p.m. at:

21307 SE 232nd St. Maple Valley, WA 98038

This is a new place – just up the hill from the Hwy 18 & Maple Valley Hwy interchange.

Eat at ~3:00, party all afternoon, home before dark.

For the last couple of years now we have combined our party with Chapter 441. Since that was so much fun they will be joining us again. This will be in lieu of our December meeting.

This is a pot-luck meal event. The chapters will provide meat, beverages and dinnerware. Experience has shown that it's no use trying to "assign" food categories. If we all bring deserts, we'll fill up on desserts. If we all bring salads, everyone will eat salad with their meat and drink. Please bring a side, or a salad, or dessert to share (or all three if you want). Just bring something you like to eat, and enough to share. Because this is a family event, we ask you to please leave any alcohol at home.
Chapter 441 has a traditional ‘White Elephant’ gift exchange and so we will be adding that to our party. The rules committee is finalizing the rules, but essentially this is how it works: everyone who wants to participate brings a wrapped gift. This should be an aviation-themed article. In the past we've seen tools, books, ornaments, doo-dads, even aviation-oriented junk (er...treasures). For some, the ultimate satisfaction is to provide the most coveted of the gifts, something unique that others might find they can't live without. The gift need not be "new". If you feel you must purchase something, keep it inexpensive: we've used $10 as a target in the past. But it need not be "new". Don't feel a need to go out and buy something. When the time comes, the first person will open a gift and show what they've got. The next person then has the option of taking what the first person opened, or selecting another wrapped gift to open. If someone loses a gift to a
subsequent person, they get to select a new one to open. And so it goes: each person has the option to select(steal) an already opened gift or select a wrapped one. The rules committee will announce their final rules about how many times a particular gift can be stolen, etc. It's great fun.


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