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Marysville EAA Chapter 1629 AirVenture Chapter Camping 2024


Returning for AirVenture, chapters now have an affordable opportunity to establish a “beachhead” at which to base their activities. Rather than paying by the day, a campsite is staked out until the convention ends. Chapters are able to purchase in advance two to six campsites at a flat rate in order to establish a chapter base of operations. Since the campsites will be staked out in advance, each chapter can direct its members to camp in the vicinity of this area.  Grab your camping gear, chapter flags, and banners, and help decorate the Marysville EAA Chapter 1629 site! 
 The following guidelines apply to this special opportunity:

1.  The chapter can secure two to six campsites as a chapter in advance from Saturday July 13, 2024 through the end of AirVenture for a special flat rate of $324 per site.  Additional sites may be acquired under the usual camping rules and pricing.  The first six people who contact me and turn in payment to me will receive the special flat rate. This needs to be done by March 30, 2024 at 5:00 pm.  I will be registering The Marysville EAA Chapter 1629 for AirVenture Chapter Camping March 30, 2024 at 5:00 pm.     

2.  At least one camper per individual camping site credential must be a current paid member of the Marysville EAA Chapter 1629 and a current EAA National member through the end of AirVenture Oshkosh.  This person will be listed on the camping request form that is submitted by the Marysville EAA Chapter 1629 to EAA National.
3.  This offer excludes improved sites (water and electric), sites in Paul’s Woods, 101 Woods, handicap, aircraft camping, and generator areas. If a “tent only” site is designated, only chapter group tenting is permitted in these areas. Note — Camp Scholler is always changing site type layout, facilities, roads, and infrastructure.  Chapter camping is only available in Camp Scholler.  

4.  No refunds due to early departure are allowed for these campsites

5.  EAA Chapter 1629 must comply with the policies and guidelines stated in EAA's general camping guidelines.  The general EAA Camping guidelines can be found by clicking EAA's General Camping Guidelines

6.  Additional camping information, along with services provided can be found by clicking Guest Services.  

7.  For information on all the camping and lodging available at AirVenture can be found by clicking Camping & Lodging.  

8.  Andrew Hale (Marysville EAA Chapter 1629 Vice President) will manage all chapter camping credentials.  .    
9. EAA staff and volunteers will stake out the chapter campsites beginning on or around July 8, 2024.
10.  EAA Chapter 1629 is not permitted to occupy their site until Saturday, July 13, 2024.  
11. Due to the campground already having been open for weeks, with many sites already occupied in highly desired areas, chapter campsites will be staked out as close as possible to the desired location listed by the chapter. It can be expected that all participating chapter group camps will be located north of Elm Street and between street number 2 and street number 41 (Deischer Lane). Due to the ever-increasing number of early arrivers after the campground opens on June 28, camp locations east of 28th street (Doolittle Road) fill early. As a result, many chapters can expect to be located west of Doolittle Road, regardless of their desired location. Chapters may suggest a location of preference for their group camp site during the Chapter Group Camping registration process. Group camping stake out order will be based on date of full payment and compliance with program policies
13. I cannot guarantee exactly where our chapter camping will be. I will attempt to request the following area somewhere on 29th street or 30th street between the fly-in theater on the left and  Audrey's Park on the right.  Except for last year this is where we have had our chapter camping several times before.  See the map below (click on the map to open a larger map in a new window): 

Chapter Camping

14. There are at most 6 campsites at the $324 price per site.  At least one current paid member of the Marysville EAA Chapter 1629 must be associated with each individual campsite.  Once they are gone they are gone. You may call 937-303-7392 to find the current status of how many campsites are left.  A campsite is secured once I receive payment, the information stated below and I have emailed a confirmation to you.    


15. To take advantage of this opportunity please send an email to MarysvilleEAAChapter@gmail.com by Saturday March 30, 2024 with the following:

a.  Your Name
b.  Your EAA National Number
c.  Your email address
d.  If you will be a Tent or RV
e.  The day you plan to arrive
f.   Names of those camping with you
g.  Contact info during AirVenture such as a cell phone number


16. To make payment by Saturday March 30, 2024 please do one of the following 2 methods:  

  1. By mailing (arrival before Saturday March 30, 2024) a check in the amount of $324 per campsite made payable to Marysville EAA Chapter 1629 to:

  Marysville EAA Chapter 1629

  760 Clymer Rd.

  Marysville, OH 43040


  2.  By paying online by using a debit card, credit card or PayPal account and the button below:  You will be charged $324.00 plus any PayPal fees.  Currently PayPal charges fees of $0.49 per transaction plus 3.49% of the purchase price.   

AirVenture Chapter Camping for 2024
Please email MarysvilleEAAChapter@gmail.com or call 937-303-7392 with any questions. 

Andrew Hale

Marysville EAA Chapter 1629 Vice President 

Marysville EAA Chapter 1629 Young Eagles Coordinator

Marysville EAA Chapter 1629 Web Editor

EAA Lifetime Member 9025788


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