Chapter 162


Tool Crib

Tools EAA Chapter members have that they are willing to lend to other members. To borrow the tool, contact the member listed. If you have a tool to add to the list, contact Peter Cassidy.

Tool Owner
Vertical Mill
I have a Sieg X3 (Grizzly rebranded) vertical mill with a decent amount of tooling that anyone is welcome to use. Of course you will have to come to my house.
Kevin Warren
5" Horizontal Bandsaw
I have a 5 horizontal bandsaw, not too portable, but makes quick work of pipe, bar, threaded rod, etc...
Kevin Warren
Analog Oscilloscope
I have an analog oscilloscope, two channel and a couple of power supplies (+5/+12V, few amps).
Kevin Warren
Crimping Tools
I have an assortment of crimping tools, one of which is a very nice DMC with a couple of turrets. I can provide more specifics if basically everyone doesn't already have them. The DMC is pricey but results in very nice crimps.
Kevin Warren
Engine Hoist Steve Johnson
Torque Wrenches
0-100 lbft and 50-200 lbft
Steve Johnson
10' Sheetmetal siding brake
This brake is only for thin aluminum and we do use it in my business I could check manual on max thickness. We could not really loan it out but people could use it here.
Roy Miles
3' Brake
Will bend thicker metal and steel.
Roy Miles
Frame/Fuselage Jig for RV-6
I have a frame/fuselage jig for the RV-6 I might even tern chapter property when I am done with it. It is 45" wide and 14' 1" long, If someone wanted to use it to build theirs, I would even help deliver it if they were in the Nashville area. If no one in our chapter needs it, perhaps someone in another chapter nearby might.
Roy Miles
Lycoming Cylinder Wrenches
I have a pair of Lycoming cylinder wrenches I could loan out for a few weeks.
Roy Miles
Flaring Tool
I have an aviation flaring tool I could loan out for a few days though I am not completely finished with it. (1/17/2015)
Roy Miles
Misc Tools
I have other tools I could loan for short periods such as "witches finger" rivet punch.
Roy Miles
Magneto Timer box Patrick Sieders
Lycoming Cylinder Wrenches Patrick Sieders
Crimping Tools Patrick Sieders
Wheel Bearing Greaser Patrick Sieders
2 Ton Crane/Hoist Patrick Sieders
38 Degree Flaring Tool - Hydraulic Patrick Sieders
#6 Flexible Hose Assembly Tool Patrick Sieders
Paint Sprayer Patrick Sideres
Battery Charger for Odyssey Batteries Patrick Sieders


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