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Zenair CH701 Build

Zenair CH701

The Saskatchewan EAA chapter has received a partially completed Zenair CH701 STOL aircraft donated by the estate of Richard Paice a Regina private pilot. Richard had been working on the project since 2007 when he attended a Rudder Building Workshop at the Zenith factory in Mexico, Missouri.

Sadly Richard passed away in 2016, it was his wish that the project be donated to EAA 154.

Special thanks to Richard Paice and his family for this wonderful donation.

Build Sessions

Build sessions are being held most Saturday mornings 9:00 to noon, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings 7:00 to 10:00. Building sessions are in the shop (garage) behind Noel's house 3115 Zech Place.

Non members are welcome to attend a build session. If you plan on coming out please contact Dave Stanchuk 306-537-5467 (mobile) or dstanchuk@sasktel.net to make sure the work session is on and to make sure we don’t have too many people in the shop.

December 2020 Update

Continued building through the summer until the group was distracted by a hangar acquisition and build in September. Disley now has 4 hangars and will be home to the 701 eventually. Building to resume sometime in the new year pending COVID restrictions. Stay tuned!


Wings on! Going to have trouble getting through the door, George, Doug and Ron.


George, Doug and Noel working on our baby's tail end.



It's a full shop.

June 2020 Update

Building started again in May with the closing in of the wings now completed. June 13th saw the first steps of mounting the wings to the fuselage. We were very happy with how well the wings and fuselage lined up  and it was exciting to see the wings (almost) on the aircraft.

March 2020 Update

With the COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings we have decided to suspend build sessions for the time being.

Work had been proceeding on closing in the wings, tail sections and various control surfaces. On closer inspection we decided the elevator was not salvageable and started looking at options for replacement. A posting on the Zenith builders website resulted in an offer of a free one if we covered shipping, as luck would have it the chapter president (Ron Wood) was driving by Post Falls Idaho returning from a vacation in California. After a short detour the new elevator was in hand. Thanks to Vance Simons of EAA Chapter 1554 for the elevator donation, and showing off his CH701 build.


                               Noel working on skin stiffeners for the wing



Ron discussing the beanie mod with Vance in Idaho



After a long road trip the elevator gave me and my wife some needed separation



October 2019 Update

Pre-cover inspection completed. One snag identified with the elevator. 

Work now progressing on mounting tail sections to the fuselage.


September 2019 Update

Lots has been happening with the build over the spring and summer months and we are running out of things to do before the pre-cover inspection. Once the Flaperons are done and the wings are moved to the build site we can get this first inspection completed.

Regina Flying Club Open House     EAA

Regina Flying Club Open House CH701 fuselage with Viking 110 mounted


          Young builder helping with a tail section.


Dave test fitting the cowlings Dave, Doug and Vic working on Flaperon construction.

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