EAA Eugene Chapter 1457


April 22

Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 1457

April 2022 meeting minutes- Eugene, Oregon

Meeting held live at the Eugene Air and Space Museum at KEUG.

The amazing Ben (Turbo)Grubb, presiding. Meeting began at about 19:15 pst.

Regular members present info missing, (my apologies) however,

four new members- Malachi, John, Jon, and Ray joined us and introductions were made.

Previous months' minutes were approved. A fascinating and entertaining presentation

by Ray Beverly on the topic of Formation Flying was given.

Thank you, Ray! Meeting adjourned at 20:39

March 22

EAA Chapter 1457 Eugene, Oregon

Monthly meeting minutes- March, 2022
Meeting held both ‘live’- in person at EASM and online via Zoom
Members present; Alan, Charley, Don L., John, Wally,
Ray, Ben, Ron, Wayne, Don H., Wayne, Bruce, Carl.
Meeting began just after 19:00 Pacific time.
Ray Beverly presented- “Fly the Plane”

Ray reminds us to be prepared- Practice engine out-
on downwind or at 5000’ (safe altitude).

Alan gave us a very entertaining and informative presentation
on his RV-9 project- including the history of the project as well
as some of the hurdles and discoveries seeing this build through.

Thank you Alan.

The meeting was adjourned around 20:15

Feburary 22

EAA Chapter 1457 Eugene, Oregon
Monthly Meeting Minutes, Monday, February 7, 2022
Held at the Eugene Air and Space Museum

New member Grant Johnson joined Micky, Les, Carl
and Jerry Pryce- V.P. Independence EAA Chapt. as well as
our own President, the Honorable Ben Grubb.
The meeting began about 19:10 with a proposal to approve last

month's minutes- which was seconded.

I do want to include an omission from last month's minutes.
I failed to mention that during January’s meeting we also spoke of
including a couple of regional events that we may use as fy-out
destinations for our members in the coming months of ;

August 26-27th- the ‘Airshow of the Cascades’ in Madras, Or.
And the annual WAAAM sponsored Hood River Fly-in

Held September 10 & 11 this year.
My most humble apologies for this omission.
This month’s exciting and informative presentation was by President Ben

(Turbo) himself- on vinyl applications for aircraft.
This brief but educational hands- on demonstration of the simple and
surprisingly easy (appearing) process to quickly apply seemingly any
design to aircraft metal surfaces. Especially interesting was the quick and
low cost and toxicity surface preparation and the easy to use knifeless
tape. I am very impressed with this process and know other members are
excited to try this application to their own aircraft as well.
We will hopefully see Photos of Les’s aircraft transformed next meeting?

Meeting adjourned sometime after 20:15

January 22

EAA Chapter 1457- Eugene, Oregon
January 3, 2022 Monthly Meeting minutes
Held at Eugene Air and Space Museum, Mahlon Sweet field.
Meeting presided over by president Ben (Turbo) Grubb.
Meeting began at 19:15 (following the board meeting) 10 present;
Ron P., John K., Ben G., Ray B., Phil G., Wayne E., Alan W., Micky F.,
myself- Carl C., and new member- Grant, an acquaintance of Ray B.
viaThe Rotary Club. Members introduced themselves to Grant.
Discussions included ideas and questions regarding the use of EAA
National to recruit new members? Create an event to attract interest?
According to recent phone contact with our recent former chapter
president- Hannah Neil- is moving back to Oregon in May.
Apparently she will be Flight-instructing for Steve Bolton?
The subject of members volunteer monthly presentations was raised and

so far, this is the schedule for the monthly meetings;

February will be Ben Grubb doing a presentation/ demonstration on vinyl.
Alan-March, Ray-April, May, June, July- open. August is the Madras
fly-in, Ron and also the Hood River Fly-in are in September. Phil has
October and Carl is currently scheduled for November- subject to change.
It was also mentioned that our former members John and Deb Stahr are

now flying out of Love field, Florida.

Our meeting was moved and seconded adjourned at 19:55
On a personal note- Carl became symptomatic of COVID 19 virus the
following evening, after work. Coincidentally, my social distancing and
mask wearing was pretty good that evening. Hopefully none of our other
members became infected because of me. I assure you that I was
unaware of being possibly contagious. Let's please not be careless in our
group settings and continue to help our friends stay safe? Carl.

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