Chapter 1285


It's August!

Hi There EAA'rs!
Yesterday, while flying cross country, a pilot's wife asked him to pass her lipstick, but he passed her a super-glue stick by mistake. She still isn't talking to him.
Hard to believe it is August already! 
Well we have a few news items:
-It is hot here in Venice!
-With Florida now the epicenter of Covid19, we are not ready to hold live meetings as yet, we will continue to Zoom.  Try it, you'll like it.
-Thanks to Wayne Connor from all of us in EAA. Wayne  has joined some others in our chapter in becoming an EAA lifetime member! (In addition to being a lifetime member of our Chapter).  This is very helpful to EAA to keep your organization's finances stable and solvent.  I think this also means Waye is "all in" on EAA and is ready to accept any nasty tasking required by his chapter! 
-I'm sorry to report that Venice EAA member Kevin Connolly passed away. We have no record of him joining 1285, but perhaps he was known to some of you, it is always sad to lose an EAA member.
-This month our schedule flips.  The 2nd Tuesday (Aug. 11) we will have our chapter gathering and speaker Paul Dye, as well as IMC club. The 3rd Tuesday(Aug. 18) will be the business meeting and VMC club. All meetings on Zoom. I will send out invitations with a link to the meetings a few days before.
-So do any of you remember John Kotwicki? He was a young flight instructor at VNC that had an office at Suncoast and started a flight school. He was a nice guy, and joined our chapter back in 2016. John left Venice to become an airline pilot, but after 2 years of that he didn't like the lifestyle and went back to flight training.  Here he is being interviewed on AOPA's hangertalk:
-Mick Cave has been in contact, his return flights in September have been cancelled, TBD when he and Lynn will be able to get back to Venice from the U.K.  Hopefully they won't be delayed too long.
-We had a short visit from Andy and Billie Kennedy. They flew down by airliner from Canada, and flew the Warrior back home.  They were scolded at customs for coming to Canada after leaving Florida.  They had to quarantine for 2 weeks after arriving home, but otherwise all seems well with them, they are happy to be able to fly their Warrior again.
-If any of you have any news you want me to include, send me an email. 
-Check out our website;
There are more pictures of members and their airplanes, plus the latest on the projects of Sam Kurtz and Jim Allen. We have also added a "For Sale" section.
-And check out our facebook page:
Please invite anyone interested in aviation to our Zoom meetings by having them send a request to my email address
Happy flying and dreaming of flying, and be safe!
Dennis King
President, EAA 1285

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