Chapter 1267

Emily Warner Field, Granby Colorado (KGNB)

Chapter History

History of the Chapter

History of Chapter 1267


David Cook and Art Wilson began sharing a hangar at Granby Airport in 1995.
Their interest in Aviation and the EAA led them to try to have a fly-in at
Granby in 1997 and 1998. Both events had marginal attendance due to weather.
By the Summer of 1998, they began to discuss forming a local EAA Chapter. In
late 1998, they contacted the EAA Chapter office and gathered information on
forming a chapter. Several local pilots were contacted to see if there was
interest in such a group.

The first organizational meeting was held on January 5, 1999. Attendees
were: Dave Cook and Ron Curtis, of Granby; Art Wilson and Andy Gold, of
Tabernash; and Rod Kauber, of Grand Lake. Plans were made to contact the EAA
for additional information.

The second organizational meeting was held January 28. Mike Jolovich and Bob
Liddle, both of Granby, joined the original group. It was decided to plan a
public meeting in March to find out if there was sufficient interest to form
a chapter. An invitation to an informational meeting was sent to all local
pilots in Grand County

The informational meeting was held in Granby on Tuesday evening, March 2.
Twenty-eight people, from all over the valley, attended the meeting. Among
those attending were: Dick Ackerson, Rick Ackerson, Gerry Bair, Noel & Robin
Boykin, Bob Braaf, Ralph Clark, Dave Cook, Ron Curtis, Lowell Davis, Jim
DeLoach, Lew Paul Geisendorfer, Andy Gold, Bob Gorman, Bill Hamilton,
Darrell Herk, Mike Jolovich, Rod Kauber, Steve Kauber, Bob Liddle, Fred
Meine, Doug Shaw, Jerry Teitsma, Doug Young, Jim Ward, Art Wilson, and John
Zelenikar. There were other interested individuals who were unable to attend
but who expressed their support for organizing such a chapter.

At the beginning of the meeting, everyone introduced themselves and told a
little about their interest in aviation. There was a vast diversity of
aviation experience represented. There were retired airline, military and
corporate pilots; helicopter pilots; private pilots; ultra-light pilots;
and, individuals who were certified aviation maintenance technicians.
Numerous individuals had built and were flying their own aircraft, and many others
were interested in building their own aircraft.

A discussion centered upon what everyone expected to gain from belonging to
a chapter of the EAA. The list included: the enjoyment of working with and
helping others build and maintain aircraft, the camaraderie, and social
interaction which can develop from such a group and which can lead to closer
friendships. Flying together, helping the community understand and develop
their local aviation base, as well as introducing others to the fun and
career aspects of aviation were all important benefits that people thought
such a chapter would nourish.

The group was unanimous and enthusiastic in their feelings that a local
chapter of EAA should be formed. It was decided that the group would meet
the first Wednesday of every month. A permanent meeting place and time
would be decided upon at the next meeting on the 7th of April.

There were numerous details that had to be worked out prior to the formation
and incorporation of the local chapter. Dave Cook and Art Wilson had been
major organizers and agreed to coordinate the next meeting and work up an

On April 7, 1999, the first official meeting of Chapter 1267 was held. Dave
Cook was selected as the interim President and Art Wilson was to act as
interim Secretary. Elections were slated to held at the May 7th meeting.

At the May 7, 1999 meeting, Chapter 1267's first slate of officers was
chosen. Elected were: Dave Cook, President; Doug Shaw, Vice President; Ron
Curtis, Treasurer; and Art Wilson, Secretary. These officers were to serve
a 1999-2000 term. The meeting date was established to be the first
Wednesday of the each and every month. Dues were set at $20. An official
meeting place was yet to be decided. Several members were from the West
Side of the County and several were from the East. Meetings were decided to
be held on both sides until meeting arrangements could be made on a more
permanent basis.

The Chapter Charter was officially granted on February 1, 2000. Middle Park
EAA Chapter 1267 was now official.


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