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December Gathering: Thursday 9 December at 7PM @ LSFM-- Program TBD

November Gathering Summary: James A. Williams, Instructor Aviation Science, discussed the aviation program at SF Austin State University, SFA Aviation Sciences. Due to the expansion of travel by air and planned retirements, hiring of all aviation specialists will be huge for the foreseeable future. It is a great time to choose a career in aviation.

Election of Officers -- During November's meeting we selected officers for the next two years, per our bylaws. Our current slate of officers was returned for another 2 years and we welcomed Denver Hopkins to the team as Vice President. (Hal Getzelman – President, Denver Hopkins – Vice President, LD Stevenson – Secretary, John Jordan – Treasurer, David Braun – Young Eagles Coordinator, Carl Martin – VMC Coordinator, David Forster – Tech Counselor.)


WrapUp -- Visit to Texas Aircraft Propeller & Accessories, November 15. 

Owner, Jason Falzon provided a tour of his facility that repairs propellers and some landing gear. He walked us through the process to overhaul a propeller. After removal from the aircraft, the hub and propeller are disassembled, measured, stripped of all coatings and inspected for defects and cracks. If a crack is detected, the part must be replaced. Provided the propeller blades have enough material remaining, all corrosion is removed, dents ground out, and the blades are recoated. The hub is rebuilt using replacement parts specified by the manufacturer and given a static balance. After the propeller is reinstalled, Jason can dynamically balance the engine/prop assembly. Due to the extensive amount of man-hours needed to overhaul a propeller, it is an expensive process, but the owner must balance the cost of overhaul vs the risk of delaying. You can deliver your prop to his shop or fly you aircraft to his hangar. The shop is busy with a current backlog of customers. The Propeller shop is located at the Pearland Regional Airport at 1711 County Road 130, Pearland, Texas 77581.


 WrapUp --- Young Eagles Rally, 30 October at the Lone Star Flight Museum

The weather, our pilots, the control tower and a great group of volunteers from our chapter and the Lone Star Flight Museum all came together for a great day for 27 Young Eagles and a few parents. The skies were clear, the visibility unlimited ...  just a cool day to go fly (something of a rarity in Houston). Not only did the youth enjoyed their flights but several expressed an interest in pursuing a career in aviation. Which is why we all like participating in Young Eagles. Special shout out to our friends at Flight Aware who sent volunteers, pilots and planes.

Chapter Membership Dues

Thanks to everyone who has paid their dues for 2021.

SPECIAL NEW PRICING:For new members, if you join now, your $20 membership fee will not only enroll you for the remainder of 2021 but all of 2022 (that's right, 18 months for just our nominal annual fee).Dues help cover Chapter 12 expenses and the bills from Young Eagle rallies. Details on how to join or can be found on the Tab to the left -- Join or Renew Membership..

Future Gatherings:.

January 13th, Thursday at LSFM from 7 PM - 8:30 PM -- Agenda TBD


The VMC club meeting will be immediately after the chapter meeting at 8 PM. Please feel free to join us as I am sure we will have another lively discussion around this month's video topic.

Upcoming “Local” Events 

EAA Sport Air Workshops are back on the road. Sport Air Workshop are 2 day sessions on some aspect of building Experimental Aircraft. December 1-2 & 4-5, there will be two sessions of classes in MCGregor, Texas. One class will be on building Metal Aircraft and the other class is on Electrical Wiring, both sessions are filled but you can add your name to the waitlist. You can find out more at EAA SportAir Workshops.

The Lone Star Flight Museum is fully open, Tuesday -Saturday 10:00 AM to 5 PM and Sunday Noon to 5 PM. Their museum includes programs for all ages, with  hands-on displays and simulators for future pilots and historical exhibits for older patrons.  Full details are listed on their website.




As noted in prior e-mails, the aviation professional shortage is a real thing and recruiters are looking for people be on the lookout if you are interested.  We will advise as we get any leads, but please forward us if you are looking for people!


Please send your current projects to president@eaa12.org. We'd like to get a current list of all Chapter members' projects.


Long time member and builder, Joe Allon has decided to put his homebuilt Glassair I td up for sale. It is hangered at Houston SW airport (AXH) in Arcolla, TX.  Interested folks can call Joe at 713-582-7146 

If you have any aviation items to sell please send me a simple pdf document to president@eaa12.org with a description and your contact info so we can add it to this section.  We will post it here for 3 months unless you contact us requesting it to be extended or removed.


Do you have a project where you need some extra volunteer help or just want to convey some knowledge, let us know and we can put out a call.


Please send us your airplane/project/flying photos, your news, for-sales, and other items of interest to Chapter 12 members and friends. For events or news, please advise at least two weeks in advance so we can get it in the general news e-mail.

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