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Chapter Gathering - Thursday, 8 December 2022 at 6PM @ Lone Star Flight Museum 

Bloke Maurer, Rodney Horn, and Brooke Gill will talk about developing the chemistry, aerodynamics, structures and electrical systems for smoke systems on their aircraft. They use the smoke systems during flight demonstrations and fly-overs in a Thorpe T-18 and Van's RV-7A. We will also discuss our VMC Club Scenario. Everyone interested in Aviation is welcome to attend.

Last Chapter Gathering - November - Recap

EAA Chapter 12 monthly Gathering was held Thursday November 10 at Lone Star Flight Museum (LSFM). The meeting attracted our largest crowd in several months. Following Chapter 12’s participation in the Wings Over Houston Airshow, we picked up quite a few new folks interested in aviation.
This month’s speaker, Glen Longnion, is a member of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Safety Team also known as the FAASTeam. From the FAASTeam website, they are the "educational outreach arm of the FAA.” “The FAASTeam is committed to serving the General Aviation community and making our skies even safer.” Their mission statement – “Lower the Nation’s aviation accident rate by conveying safety principles and practices through training, outreach, and education, while establishing partnerships and encouraging the continual growth of a positive safety culture within the aviation community.”
We certainly appreciate, Glen, providing a great presentation on “Preventive Maintenance and the Aircraft Owner/Operator.” Many facets of aircraft maintenance can be accomplished by the owner or operator without having the worked signed off by a FAA Certified Aircraft and Powerplant technician. As pointed out in the presentation, the maintenance accomplished by an owner/operator must be of a simple or minor nature and not involve complex assembly operations. Examples include changing a tire on the airplane, replacing safety wire or warn out cotter keys and lubrication. These operations should not require disassembly other than removal of non-structural items like fairings, cover plates and cowlings. The FAA strongly recommends that each owner/operator know their limitations and if in doubt let the professionals do it. FAA’s list of owner/operator maintenance is quite extensive and not possible to cover in this post.
The FAA website provides additional information at: www.faa.gov.They also referenced Advisory Circulars (ACs) AC 43-12A, Preventive Maintenance, and AC 20-106 Aircraft Inspection for the General Aviation Aircraft Owners. In addition, national aviation organizations such as the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) (EAA.org) and Aircraft Owner and Pilots Association (AOPA) (AOPA.org) provide guidance about Owner/Operator maintenance on their websites.
Before ending the meeting, Chapter President, Hal Getzelman, provided our speaker Glen with a chapter patch. He also awarded certificates to several volunteers for their work over the past year: Denver Hopkins, vice president; David Braun, Young Eagle Coordinator; John Jordan, Treasurer; LD Stevenson, Secretary and Hal as President. Bloke Mauer and Rodney Morn received chapter patches for their support at our booth for the Wings Over Houston (WOH) Airshow. Our Gathering concluded with a lively discussion in the museum parking lot with chips & dips, soda and water.

Wings Over Houston Airshow - 2022 - Recap

We had a great Wings Over Houston Airshow this past weekend. Many folks dropped by our booth to discuss Aviation and Aircraft Building. The weather was a bit chilly on Saturday, but fabulous on Sunday. Of course, all the flight demonstrations were great, kudos to the Blue Angels. Several visitors said they would attend our next meeting on Nov 10, at the Lone Star Flight Museum. Of course many of the youth and parents express an interest in the Young Eagles Program, which several of the local EAA Chapters provide...ours included.

Chapter Membership Dues – For 2022 -- Update

If you start or renew, between now and the end of 2022, your membership will be paid thru the end of 2023. Dues ($20) help cover Chapter 12 expenses and bills from Young Eagle rallies and internet fees. Details on how to join or can be found on the Tab to the left -- Join or Renew Membership.

Transition to Unleaded Aviation Fuel

The FAA approved General Aviaton Modifications Inc. (GAMI) Unleaded high octane Aviation Fuel (G100UL) for all spark ignited piston engines on the first of Sep 2022. G100UL can be mixed in any ratio with existing 100LL without limitation. Each certified aircraft will need a Supplemental Type Certification (STC) from GAMI, which will involve some paperwork and stickers for the aircraft. AvFuel, a major distributor of aviation fuel will assist in the roll out of this new fuel. Since some airports in California have already prohibited the sale of leaded aviation fuel, they will be a priority for G100UL distribution. The fuel will cost more (50-90 cents per gallons) especially while it is produced in small quantities. However, there are expected savings due to less frequent oil changes and spark plug mx. Swift Fuels expects to have its 100R unleaded fuel certified in early 2023. Swift currently sells unleaded 94 octane at select airfields around the U.S.  AOPA's Flying Magazine has a good summary of the topic: Getting the Lead Out..

Chapter 12 Officers (For 2022 & 2023)

Hal Getzelman – President, Denver Hopkins – Vice President, LD Stevenson – Secretary, John Jordan – Treasurer, David Braun – Young Eagles Coordinator, Carl Martin – VMC Coordinator, David Forster – Tech Counselor.

Chapter Tool Crib

The Chapter Tool Crib is up and running for our current Chapter Members. Thru the generosity of our members, who have made their own tools available or via chapter owned tools, you may find a seldom used tool for loan that can help with your aircraft build. (See the menu to the left for the a list of tools and the process to check them out.)

Future Gatherings:

- Thursday, January 12th, 6:00 PM @ Lone Star Flight Museum, TBD

VMC Club:

The VMC club meeting will be at the beginning of the chapter meeting at 6 PM. Please feel free to join us as I am sure we will have another lively discussion on how best to fly under Visual Meteorological Flight Conditions. An actual flight scenario is presented and members contribute their thoughts as we iterate to a best technique to resolve the situation.

Upcoming “Local” Events:

EAA Sport Air Workshops: are back on the road as well as at Oshkosh, WI. Sport Air Workshop are 2 day sessions on some aspect of building an Experimental Aircraft. You can find out more at EAA SportAir Workshops to find locations and dates. It appears that the sessions frequently held near Hobby IAP in December, will be held at EAA Chapter 59 at McGregor Executive Airport (near Waco).

The Lone Star Flight Museum is fully open, Tuesday-Saturday 10:00 AM to 5 PM and Sunday Noon to 5 PM. The museum includes programs for all ages, with hands-on displays and simulators for future pilots and historical exhibits for all patrons. Their Redbird MX2 motion simulator can be used to log instrument time with a CFI.



As noted in prior e-mails, the aviation professional shortage is a real thing and recruiters are looking for people be on the lookout if you are interested. We will advise if we get any leads, but please forward us if you are looking for people! In the past year, we have had guest speakers from Texas Southern University in Houston and Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches about their undergraduate aviation programs.


Do you need some artistry for your Aircraft Paint Job? 

Chuck Coupland of Coupland Signs 118 S. 5th Street, La Porte, TX 77571 has produced some excellent airbrushed artwork that were reproduced as decals for local EAA aircraft.

If you have any aviation items to sell please send me a simple pdf document to president@eaa12.org with a description and your contact info so we can add it to this section. We will post it here for 3 months unless you contact us requesting it to be extended or removed.


Do you have a project where you need some extra volunteer help or just want to convey some knowledge, let us know and we can put out a call.

The Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience (RAFE) is restoring several aircraft that were designed by Burt Rutan. You maybe familiar with one of his more popular designs, the LongEZ. They are looking for volunteers to help. You may find out more and volunteer here: RAFE Volunteer

HAVE NEWS TO SHARE or Update on Your Project?

Please send us your airplane/project/flying photos, your news, for-sales, and other items of interest to Chapter 12 members and friends. For events or news, please advise at least two weeks in advance so we can get it in the general news e-mail.

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