EAA Chapter 12

Houston, TX @ Ellington Spaceport

Chapter Tool Crib

Our Chapter has a limited selection of tools and equipment that are available for loan to current Chapter Members. These high value but seldom used tools and equipment are available for short term loan. These Tools are primarily the property of other Chapter Members in addition to some owned by our Chapter.

Only current members are eligible to borrow tools.

There is no charge for using these tools.

In order to minimize phone calls to individual tool owners, a member interested in borrowing tools should contact (via text) our Tool Crib Manager: Shane Peterson (mavrikzr400@hotmail.com) @ 712-240-3723. He will check if they are currently available and facilitate the loan. When you pick up the tool, you will be required to sign our Tool Crib Loan Agreement.

Here is the current list of Available Tools and Equipment:

We also have members, who have other building tools such as bucking bars and clecos that they would be willing to loan out. (Call and perhaps we can help you.)

Air Compressor (Craftsman – 5.8 SCFM @ 90 PSI)


Aircraft Timing Indicator Model E25 and Dual Magneto Synch

(Article on how to time your aircraft -- Magneto Timing Made Easy )

         Action Air Parts LED52N Standard Aviation Dual Magneto ...


Brake Rivet Tool


Borescope (Vividia Ablescope VA-400)


Dynamic Propeller Balancer (Dynavib Classic)


Digital Racing Scales (0.01% accuracy)



Engine Hoist (1 Ton Capacity)




Parker 37 deg Flare Tool