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West Bend EAA AirCamp 2024 - Apply Today!

Just download the application by clicking here, complete the information, print and mail it with a $100 deposit to:

Mike Harrington

W68 N173 Evergreen Blvd

Cedarburg, WI 53012

West Bend EAA AirCamp 2024 is a GO!


What’s Air Camp?

Air Camp is a week long aviation immersion experience open to ages 13-16 hosted by volunteers from Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 1158, located at the West Bend, WI airport. If you have any interest in aviation, Air Camp is for you. The schedule includes a balance of actual flight time, hands-on aircraft building techniques, tours of local aviation facilities and some classroom time. Check out 2 short videos of AirCamp highlights:

- 2024 Aircamp Poster

AirCamp Promo Video 

- AirCamp Highlights Video  

 We’ll vary the schedule to accommodate weather, but Air Camp includes:

Flight time

Air Camp is a super value…  the flight time alone is worth more than the cost of Air Camp, which is $395, including lunches and all materials.

  • Flight  in Cessna 152 aircraft with an FAA Certified instructor
  • Flight in a glider
  • Flying a Radio Controlled model, both in the field, and using a simulator

NEW PICTURE GALLERY FROM 2023 AIRCAMP! (click arrows on sides of image to see next picture)

2023 Aircamp Photos

Videos of Air Camp Attendees taking off and landing gliders available on our youtube channel at:

Pics from previous Air Camp – Click on picture to enlarge.

Preflight Fuel Check EAA EAA EAA


Hands-on Building

  • Great for building confidence, get hands-on experience with aircraft building techniques in a fun, no-pressure, non-school environment.
  • Building a section of an aluminum wing
  • Building a section of a composite airfoil
  • Wiring an aircraft electrical circuit.



  • See what goes on in real, working aviation, interact with the people in careers aviation has to offer, not just pilots.
  • Airport facilities
  • Local National Guard helicopter unit (their schedule permitting).



  • Yes, there has to be some classroom time, EAA so we can give attendees  a little background for what they're doing in the shop, and why.
  • History of aviation pioneers
  • Science of flight, navigation and meteorology.


When is AirCamp?

Air Camp 2024 is scheduled for June 17 - 25. We have scheduled a tour or Young Eagles flight day for June 25.

How do I sign up?

Space is limited, so we recommend early sign-up. Just download the application by clicking here, complete the information, print and mail it (with $100 deposit) to:

Mike Harrington

W68 N173 Evergreen Blvd

Cedarburg, WI 53012


What do Attendees and Parents think?

  • Attendees
    • Best Activity:
      • "Either the Discovery Flight or the EAA Air Museum"
      • "The cross country flight that we got to fly and plan."
      • "Loved them all!!! Discovery flights / x-country tip / pre-flight"
    • Neatest thing leaned:
      • "The process of building an airplane"
      • "How to work with the aluminum and composite to make wings"
      • "Reading x-country maps"
  • Parents
    • "This was the best summer group activity she has ever done! One fun activity after another."
    • "Two of my son's friends already applied for this year camp. Phillip did as well. He had the most amazing time there last year and now he wants to pursue a career in aviation engineering and hopefully get his pilot license at some point. Just want to thank all of you for this wonderful opportunity for kids to learn about aviation!"
    • "Very reasonable, amazing what the kids did considering cost"
    • " guys provided a very good and positive atmosphere for the kids. Thank you!!"
    • "This was a great experience for our whole family. Please thank everyone for their time and effort!!"
    • "...had a great time, and really learned quite a bit"
    • "Top notch."
    • "Cost was unbelievably low compared to other activities."
    • "If most of this was volunteer help... Amazing!" 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the daily schedule during Air Camp?

Air Camp is typically 8 days long. On weekdays, the schedule is generally 8:00am - 4:30pm. On the weekend, we run partial days (Saturday morning, and Sunday afternoon-evening.) We do not offer housing or transportation.

2) Where is Air Camp held?

During the week, Air Camp is held at the EAA 1158 educational facility at the West Bend Airport. (310 Aerial Drive).

On the weekend, the students and their families will meet at near-by airports (Hartford airport, Hahn Sky Ranch) for flying activities there. Detailed directions will be included in your registration packets.

3) What about meals?

Lunch and snacks are provided by EAA Chapter 1158 on the weekdays. No food is provided on the weekend.

4) What will my child experience?

Air Camp is a total immersion in all things aviation. Through lecture and participation in experiments, your child will learn about physics, fluid dynamics, meteorology, internal combustion, flight planning, navigation, aircraft construction, how to become a pilot and much more. There are also hands-on projects including aircraft wiring, fiberglass construction, and building a real aluminum aircraft wing section. But perhaps most exhilarating are the flight experiences. Weather permitting, all students will have access to a glider flight, and even receive their first flight lesson with a flight instructor where they will fly a Cessna airplane!

5) How much does Air Camp cost?

As you can probably imagine, an experience like this takes a lot of time and money. Through generous donations by West Bend Air, and EAA 1158 members who wish to pass on their passion for flying to the next generation, we are able to keep cost to a minimum level. At this time, the price is set at $395. This is an exceptional value. Still, for families experiencing financial hardship, partial scholarship may be available. Contact the Air Camp Director for details.

6) What is the application process and when will I know if my child is accepted?

Download the application form from our webpage. Fill it out completely and mail it with a $100 deposit to the Air Camp Director. We give priority to the older students until the middle of May. After that, it is determined by the date of application until all 16 seats are filled. We will notify all applicants by June 1st.

Need more info?

If you need more info, please feel free to contact us at:

        Mike Harrington

        W68 N173 Evergreen Blvd

        Cedarburg, WI 53012


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