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EAA106 Youth Scholarship - Requirements

EAA Chapter 106's Youth Scholarship

NOTE:   ACTIONS, not just dreams ...     
When we say we're looking for a DEMONSTRATED AVIATION PASSION, we want to know what ACTIONS an applicant has taken about their professed passion, not just dreams. To that end, we are seeking youth who are so passionate about aviation that you not only are currently taking flight lessons, but are working to pay for some or all of the cost of your flight lessons.
WHY do we ask that youth work to pay for some of their flight lessons? Because all youth seem passionate when their parents pay for all their flight lessons - flying IS, after all, FUN!  But we're looking for just a very few youth who are so extraordinarily aviation-passionate that they work to pay for extra flight lessons between any the parents can afford to help pay.

Applicants: You MUST:

#1 - You MUST be earning some of your own flight training money
#2 - You MUST be actively taking flight training (within last 6 months)
#3 - You MUST be age 16-18 at the end of JULY (or w/i a couple weeks)
#4 - You MUST live in New England  (MA, NH, RI, CT, VT, ME)
#5 - You MUST be able to make camp Session#1: (July 20-28, 2021*)
#6 - You must have terrifc answers to our essay questions & other info
#7 - You must provide images of your logbook pages
#8 - You must provide an image (or pdf) of your latests grades/transcript

Finalists will move to Phase 2: Two additional essays & perhaps other info

* = 2021 is TBD because Covid-19 moved our 2020 winners to the 2021 camp and we are uncertain whether we will be able to obtain one additional camp slot in 2021.


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