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EAAWelcome to the home page of Chapter 1051 of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA). We are known as the Scotia Eagles and are located in the Canadian Province of Nova Scotia. Geographically our members are located in the western half of the province between Yarmouth and Halifax.

This site serves as our central home and records the activities of our members as well as provides some information and resources that may be useful to readers.

Our Mission

The purpose of EAA Chapter 1051 is to support members over a broad geographic area in their construction of homebuilt category aircraft, to promote aviation safety and to promote aviation in the community. Chapter activities provide an environment in which builder peers can exchange information about construction of aircraft, receive technical counsel from EAA recognized Technical Counselors and receive aircraft project selection and flight test advice from EAA recognized Flight Advisors.

Objectives of making these resources available to chapter members include enhancing the safety of chapter members while undertaking construction projects, flight tests and ongoing flight activities.

It is also the objective to provide camaraderie between like minded aviation enthusiasts and to promote aviation to the general public. EAA members promote aviation to the general public by presenting a responsible appearance before the public and by promotional activities such as Young Eagle flight introductions.

Over the  years EAA members have provided more than one million introductory flights to young people at no charge to participants. Chapter members have participated in many of these flights. It is hoped that these introductions will raise awareness of general aviation in the public and encourage young people to become involved as recreational participants or as professionals.

It is by striving to achieve these objectives that recreational aviation can survive and prosper in the years to come.

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