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NOTE:  This page is hidden from the regular menu and is accessible to members and others who receive the direct link via our EAA Chapter 106 communications.

NOTE:  The January 8, 2021 meeting is over, but this page remains (for now)
to a) show the financial information for Jan 8 and b) serve as a template for the next time we have a financial meeting & vote.

       If you missed the meeting, here is the RECORDING.

JAN 8, 2020 -- Annual Meeting & Program
            6:30 -- Join in on-line for a bit of camaraderie and "hangar flying"
            7:00 -- A short meeting to present & approve an operating budget
            and then ... The main program:
            How a tree accelerated the completion of my Sling 4 - by Craig Maiman

On this page:
INFO, PROXY, and FILES for our January 8, 2021 meeting -- including three budgets for member approval

     Members:   Please VOTE on our 2021 budgets by
                       either attending (on-line via zoom) or by submitting a proxy (below)
     42 YES, O NO

  (Phone options further down - after the files below)
The Jan 8 meeting has concluded.

PROXY FORM:   If you are a member and cannot attend, please either review the below documents, then VOTE via the proxy or give you proxy to another member to vote on your behalf (someone whom you know will be on-line on Friday, Jan.8, 2021).
Click:  PROXY FORM --
NOTE:  The proxy form has been disabled since the voting is over.

Treasurer files for the Jan 8, 2021 meeting:
    NOTE:  We vote on a budget for each category and overall.

                  Your Board may reallocate, as needed, some monies within a category.

    GENERAL account -- Non-Facility, Non-Scholarship
    Click:   2020-0108 - Treasurer's Report - PDF of the PPT slides.pdf
    and supporting documents with more details:
    Click:   Treasurer's Report - Wrap-up of 2020 budget vs final numbers.pdf
    Click:   Treasurer's Report - 2021 budget (spend plan).pdf
                         The above file is the GENERAL (non-Facility) budget which needs your VOTE or PROXY
Treasurer's Report - Details of 2020 wrap and 2021 plan.pdf
    Click:   Treasurer's Report - Statement of Liquid Financial Position.pdf
    Click:   Treasurer's Report - 2020 Membership Report (end of year).pdf

    Youth SCHOLARSHIP Fund - Stand-alone, funded solely by DONATIONS
    Click:   Treasurer's Report - Youth Scholarship - Wrap Up of 2020 and budget for 2021.pdf
                           The above file is the Y.SCHOLARSHIP budget which needs your VOTE or PROXY

Hangar Comptroller files for the Jan 8, 2021 meeting:
     Click:    HangarProfitLoss 2020.pdf
     Click:    2021 Hangar Budget with 3 sentiments - revised for snow numbers.pdf
                           The above file is the HANGAR budget which needs your VOTE or PROXY

ZOOM details/options:

(Placeholder for future meeting zoom details.)
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